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  1. Definitely need depth at LB. I expect our draft to look something like this; Round 1-3: FS, DE, G (not necessarily in that order) Round 4,5,7: LB, TE/DT, OT Anthony Walker, Duke Riley or Steven Taylor are LB's I like in the later rounds. A lot could change if we trade up for a player like Reddick in the 1st or if we trade down and take someone like Tyus Bowser in the 2nd, but if we stay put I expect our draft to look something what I posted above.
  2. I see your sticking to your narrative, but injuries happen to every team. We lost critical players for the season as well... Starting TE, starting LB, a top of the league CB, starting DE. The difference was we had depth to make up for those losses. And come on man, cant keep using the Kalil excuse. He was injured late October once your team was already in a hole at 1-5, where was he then? Funny enough we once had a guard turn center who couldn't snap and still manage to play .500 ball. Bottom line, injuries shouldn't be your excuse. Your excuse should be that your team didn't do enough during the '16 offseason to help your teams overall depth. Your key acquisitions were a Punter (Lee), DT (Soliai), and a draft that consisted of a DT,CB,CB,CB... So during a whole offseason (draft & FA) the Panthers manage to add depth to two positions, with one starting and a punter! It's no knock against Butler, Bradberry or the others, cause they could turn out to be special but acquiring no OL help/depth after witnessing SB 50 is what ultimately hurt you in the '16 season in my opinion. Now trust me. Knowing that we NEED a starting OG, another DE, and depth at key positions (LB, FS, swing tackle) I would be pretty upset if we drafted a RB in the 1st, followed by 3 consecutive OG's.
  3. @SamMills51 according to these stats, your team issues run deeper than just injuries. Our teams were relatively healthy all year.
  4. +1 You are correct my friend. Biggest deference... The Panthers '16 offseason Cam was too busy filming yogurt comericals, the Norman distraction, Cam complaining about being treated unfairly, Rivera complaining about opening against Denver, add a bad draft and you get the '16 Panthers. I actually expect them to struggle even worst this upcoming season, especially considering Cam needs all the work he can get with his mechanics but probably won't start throwing until late July early August.
  5. Duke Riley or Anthony Walker in the later rounds. Riley is another quick twitch LB from LSU, was a 1 year starter, similar built to Debo. Anthony Walker is a name I've been hearing since last year. Had an incredible '15 season in which he posted 122 tackles, 20.5 TFL, 3 sacks, 4 pass break. Walker gained 20lbs prior to the '16 season which hurt his speed and explosiveness, could have used 5-10lbs. It's ultimately why he had a down'16 season and hurt his draft stock. Before the '16 season he was being compared to Navarro Bowman or Lavote David.
  6. Your counting on a pair of 31+ year olds to be your prime pass rushers?!? Not saying they can't be good but when veterans hit a wall they hit it hard and fast... Dwight Freeney went from 8 sacks in '15, to 3 in '16. Add Thomas Davis, who at 33 has lost a step whether you like to admit it or not... How will Luke come back from his concussion issues, any small ding could put him out again... Who will start opposite of Bradberry? Is 36 year old Mike Adams the answer over Boston? I see plenty of questions surrounding your defense, and I didn't even get into your offense, starting with your QB but that's for another time.
  7. I liked Gavin Escobar coming out of college, never really got an opportunity playing behind Witten but he wouldn't be the first (Bennett). Wouldn't mind signing him to a 1 year deal.
  8. Good depth signing, had a couple of good years before going to Detroit.
  9. Meanwhile at media night, the new San Francisco columnist is hard at work...
  10. Besides the obvious Matt Ryan I would go with; Offense: Coleman & Freeman Vs. their LB's Defense: Hageman & Jarrett Vs. their C/G
  11. Have you heard of the historic 2013 Denver Broncos offense? Who do you think was part of the defensive mastermind who held them to 8 pts in the Super Bowl....
  12. Panthers/Saints fan this season; August - "Falcons won't win more than 5 games" Septermber - "They haven't beat anyone yet" October - "Okay, they have a few wins but they'll choke" November - "They usually choke around this time" December - "Buc's will take the division, can't stop Winston" Janurary - "Ryan can't win in the playoffs" February - "Lucky win in the SB, but they won't win next year without Shanahan"
  13. Atlanta - 33 Greenbay - 27 Games isn't a close as the score would suggest, they get a late TD. Rodgers is going to make his plays, the key is to holding them to FG's instead of TD's.
  14. Well there we have it, every player/injury is different but I can't see him playing this weekend.