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  1. The problem is that the NFL has pretty much also eliminated the ability of players to deal with excessive celebrations, because the over-the-top celebrations are almost always done by receivers and the "defenseless player" rules have made it very difficult to give a disciplinary de-cleater to them.
  2. If Free's deal gets done Oct/Nov time-frame as indicated by TD most, or all, of the cap hit will probably be deferred until next year and beyond.
  3. The Falcon's aren't the only NFL team taking a flyer on a collegiate track athlete hoping to turn them into a WR. I guess not surprisingly the Seahawks are trying it too, and have signed LSU's Cyril Grayson. Seahawks sign Cyril Grayson
  4. What is the downside of signing this guy? At worst he's training camp fodder like 30 other guys the Falcon's will bring in that basically have no shot at making the team, but at least he has obviously got what DQ and TD feel are athletic abilities that differentiate him from most other warm bodies. Why would anybody have a problem with this?
  5. Right back at ya. Let it go.
  6. Good read, but I'm really concerned that Quinn just doesn't understand why throwing a pass at that point in the game was the worst option to choose when considering risk/reward/situation.
  7. I guess the roof design didn't spec the correct kind of lube to open the roof sphincter.
  8. If bein, or univision, or any other Spanish network broadcasting the USMNT in the US would at least have an english SAP audio feed that would work too.
  9. It's pretty ridiculous that the only way to watch the games on TV is via a Spanish channel broadcast.
  10. Hopefully, if there is a delay with the roof completion it doesn't actually delay the stadium opening. As long as it's structurally sound they can work on the mechanism when the stadiums not in use. I'm fine with the roof being open.
  11. That was the best the USMNT has looked in quite a while. Dempsey looked reborn after being out with the heart issue.
  12. Yes, that's right. United has completed the transfer from Torino, and Martinez is now on a multi-year contract with your Atlanta United FC. Great news.
  13. While the MLS does honor FIFA international windows there's no restriction on when games can resume, and we may not have Almiron, Martinez, Carmona, or Jones for the Seattle game depending on when they play their final match with their national squads. International play ends on 3/28, and we play Seattle three days later on 3/31.
  14. I don't believe the World Cup argument is correct. There were plenty of FIFA events played at the GA Dome, because they just brought in real grass for the matches. They'll do the same thing to accommodate FIFA events at the new stadium. We won't have to worry about bringing in top level players in their prime into MLS any time soon, because they (MLS) are being smart about maintaining financial viability as a league. The worst thing that could happen to MLS in general would be to remove salary cap restraints from teams, and then you'd up where most of the other major soccer leagues are. A few haves, and a bunch of have-not that have virtually no chance for a championship in any given year.
  15. MLS does adhere to sanctioned FIFA international breaks.