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  1. It's pretty ridiculous that the only way to watch the games on TV is via a Spanish channel broadcast.
  2. Hopefully, if there is a delay with the roof completion it doesn't actually delay the stadium opening. As long as it's structurally sound they can work on the mechanism when the stadiums not in use. I'm fine with the roof being open.
  3. That was the best the USMNT has looked in quite a while. Dempsey looked reborn after being out with the heart issue.
  4. Yes, that's right. United has completed the transfer from Torino, and Martinez is now on a multi-year contract with your Atlanta United FC. Great news.
  5. While the MLS does honor FIFA international windows there's no restriction on when games can resume, and we may not have Almiron, Martinez, Carmona, or Jones for the Seattle game depending on when they play their final match with their national squads. International play ends on 3/28, and we play Seattle three days later on 3/31.
  6. I don't believe the World Cup argument is correct. There were plenty of FIFA events played at the GA Dome, because they just brought in real grass for the matches. They'll do the same thing to accommodate FIFA events at the new stadium. We won't have to worry about bringing in top level players in their prime into MLS any time soon, because they (MLS) are being smart about maintaining financial viability as a league. The worst thing that could happen to MLS in general would be to remove salary cap restraints from teams, and then you'd up where most of the other major soccer leagues are. A few haves, and a bunch of have-not that have virtually no chance for a championship in any given year.
  7. MLS does adhere to sanctioned FIFA international breaks.
  8. It won't feel like a European stadium in July
  9. Fans are actually too close at Bobby Dodd. There's absolutely no room in touch on the sides lines, and reserves are having to warm up beyond the endlines on a small patch of grass.
  10. Was that like a 1957 tin can -> string conference call?
  11. Mod, you need to lock this thread. It has exceeded its Poe-pun limit.
  12. I'd be surprised if there aren't weight clauses in his contract with the Falcons. Since he's won't be playing straight over the center, like he did at KC, he'll be better off playing a bit lighter and quicker. Seems odd calling 335ish light
  13. Falcon's have only one big need - a quality guard to replace chester, and Wes Schweitzer may prove to be the man. Couple that with a modest amount of cap space and several FAs of their own to sign they won't be huge players in FA. The only Falcon FA that has gotten away that some on the board thought was a need (not me) is Patrick DiMarco. Poe is still available.
  14. Article in today's AJC said "The team (Falcons) has the parameters of the Desmond Trufont extension set, but will execute it later over the offseason". Sounds like the team and Trufant have agreed to terms, and there's some benefit to the Falcon's to delay the signing of the deal. Maybe June 1? Also in the same AJC article Dimitroff is quoted as saying that the team traditionally does contract extensions in October or November, and that's when Devonta Freeman's deal is slated to be completed. Said Dimitroff regarding Freeman's extension "We know the market".
  15. Seems like about the only time the cap isn't a problem for a team is when they either have no QB to speak of, or get lucky and hit on a rookie starting QB. Look at the teams with the most cap room: San Francisco - No QB Cleveland - No QB Tennessee - Marcus Mariota : still on rookie contract Jacksonville - Blake Bortles : still on rookie contract Oakland Raiders - Derek Carr : still on rookie contract