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  1. Would really like to go, but with that being the weekend after Thanksgiving, back-to-back weekend trips to GA may be tough.
  2. agree, making the 2 gives you a much better chance of winning the KC game than taking the 1. IF we had kicked the XP in the KC game, and it was blocked/returned for 2, Cunningham's argument would have been that DQ didn't understand the situation and if he had gone for 2, the game wouldn't have been lost because KC would have had to score a TD.
  3. Yep, butts in seats were the marching orders for a few years at Flowery Branch. Don't know if that's still the case or not. Have not known anybody that works there for quite a few years now.
  4. disagree, no easy win for the NFL in a Dallas/New England matchup. Think WWE, you don't push 2 faces for WrestleMania matches, you book a face taking on a heel. It's a better story and gets more fans involved.
  5. I love my conspiracy theories, so to add to your point 1..... How do you keep ratings up all game? The majority of people wanted the Patriots to lose, everybody hates the Patriots. Let Atlanta get the big lead and people watch to see the Pats get embarrassed. Then, when the comeback starts, nobody can turn the channel, got to see if they do it. And bam! High ratings all game long. Plus, NFL gets to close the deflategate debacle that's hurt their image the last couple of years.
  6. kinda like we did with Jacksonville for a couple of years
  7. exactly. Not disappointed at all to see Cox go. Smith was a little of a surprise, but I'd wager there was someone else DQ wanted that he couldn't get last year. Keep the names Rocky Seto and Travis Jones in mind for these openings.
  8. Is there anyone else that wants to take a shot at running this for 2017? I'll help out, but not sure I can do it all this year. If not, I'll start setting it up next week or this weekend when I get home.
  9. Vegas lost big on the pats win and the over. If anything, the NFL tried to screw over Vegas for trying to get the Raiders when they don't want to move a team to Vegas
  10. So that means coming into the season he wasn't sure that Shanny was going to be able to get the job done either?
  11. I'm sure he had several talks with Pete Carroll about him as well. Shocked me initially with this hire, I do feel better about it than I did about Shanny, and a **** of a lot better than I would have with Chip Kelly.
  12. Anybody have that?
  13. There's a happy medium in there. Smith was ultra conservative once we get up by a point or two. Quinn isn't. But for a good portion of the year, we've dialed it back some in the 4th quarter with comfortable leads. For some reason, Quinn/Shanny didn't do that in this game. I don't think you would have wanted Smitty still (like him, but the ultra conservative stuff did drive me crazy). If we had been up the way we were, instead of 5 runs with a 28-3 lead, we would have had 5 passes with that lead & probably lost in regulation.
  14. That was a 1st down pass, even if he doesn't catch it, 3 more downs for them to get it with 10 yards or a penalty.
  15. Went to Vegas for the game and coming back from the game, got off the elevator at our floor of the hotel & some Irish guy was there waiting to get on. He stopped us to talk about the game for a minute. He wasn't a huge American football fan, but knew enough about it to know what was going on. Said that couldn't believe how the refs called that game, and basically every New England game he's ever seen. Said the Pats were just like "f'n Manchester United", every single call, anything to influence the match, goes in United's or the Pats favor. These games had to be fixed. Didn't want to argue that point at the time & still don't, he's right.