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  1. Bottom line: We lost.
  2. Your account is accurate, except that I would not say that the Patriots got lucky. They stuck to their guns and continued to perform. Faced with a daunting hill to climb, they did not panic. They did not turn on each other. We did not have depth along the OL. Our injured OL's gutted out their play and they should be commended. We lost the game, despite having the obviously better set of starters, because we could not survive the game of attrition. You could say that we had bad luck with all the injuries, but you really can't dismiss the Patriots. They did their job.
  3. The knock on Campbell was his slow learning style. Quinn and his staff are true teachers. Campbell is a keeper. Campbell-----Jones-----Riley That is a nasty corps
  4. Elway has only been a GM for what, 6 years? Despite his short tenure, he has done a pretty darn good job of drafting. Jones? Really? I think the Cowboys are loud and are artists at self-promotions, but in the end, they are slightly above average (at best). Jerry Jones does not belong in the top half of this list. I know there will be objections, but the fact is that the Cowboys are only relevant in the media, not on the field. Ted Thompson has had a few mediocre seasons, but his track record is pretty good. Finally, TD belongs in the top ten, but could rise with his new-found compatibility with his HC. One more stellar draft and a well-placed FA move and you will see TD in the top three.
  5. Sure, that is a route, but at the moment, I don't recall which LT's were available at the time. Historically, solid LT's are not on the FA market.
  6. Matt Ryan would have been concussed. We needed a LT badly.
  7. We used a 6th overall pick on a need and we got a reliable LT. We got lucky with Freeman and the rest of the the draft is based on a DL that has not yet lived up to his potential, but could. I would give it a C.
  8. Correct me if I am wrong, but hasn't Mangold been a Center his whole career? Does he have the agility required to play ZBS? Would his production justify his contract? Mangold has been a free agent for months, yet no team has signed him. TD and company know what they have in Garland and Schweitzer. They had the opportunity to sign a Guard in free agency. They had the opportunity to draft a Guard high in the draft, they instead waited to draft Harlow. I don't think Mangold is in their plans. We have some cap space and we need to sign our RB. That is where the money should go.
  9. Sometimes less is more.
  10. I don't want him to change the way he runs. He is a smart RB that takes mostly glancing blows. If he put his head down and takes on even more contact, he will not have the long career that I wish for him. He needs to spend time with Warrick Dunn.
  11. Last year, the players voted two from our roster to the top 100. JJ was #13 and Ryan was #72. We ended up in the Super Bowl.
  12. I thought the two ladies reported very well. I would welcome future broadcasts. D'Led is the gold standard for goofy.
  13. Injuries are the only thing that can de-rail this team. Unfortunately, there are many teams that have been de-railed by attrition. We can't list them, because we simply forget them. We are as good as humanly possible right now. All that is left is to train and prepare the backups, because the fortunes of this franchise could very well rest in their hands.
  14. I don't think it was Weems, though my memory is foggy (defense mechanism)
  15. He was a pro-bowl caliber LB. He was a terrific college player. He is not that anymore. Signing him and putting him on the field takes valuable practice snaps from good young talent. I'd rather re-sign Spoon (which I am against).