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  1. If we draft him, I see him in double digits in year two. Oh, and just like Beasley, he will not impress as a rookie and half the board will declare he is a bust.
  2. Neither you nor I have expertise in these matters. As fans, we entertain ourselves and we hold Quinn and Co accountable. That is the nature of these things. I like Willis, but I will like anyone our FO drafts.........until they give me reason not to.
  3. Evaluating film is a fine art. Quinn does it like a master. He reviews what we all see but he also evaluates and projects what he can honestly do with the prospect. That is why we drafted Neal and Jones ahead of most projections. I get the feeling that Willis is near the top of the Falcons' rankings.
  4. The thing about Quinn is that he truly understands his defense. He knows exactly how it works. So much so, that he can look at a prospect and judge whether his best attributes fit. He is clear about what he wants (nudge to Smitty) and it is obvious that Pioli and TD are able to find the talent. I am not as interested in this draft as I have been for the past thirty years because I know that the guys running our outfit know what they are doing. If we stay put, fine, if we trade up or down, I am happy. We have a young team with a franchise QB in his prime and we were in the SB last year. The future looks good.
  5. Ha, that just reminded me of Shanny's misplaced play book right before the SB. Good times
  6. I think you have hit on a problem we have. I like Reed, Shelby and Clayborn, but we don't get a whole lot of production from the money spent there. This is why I believe the rumors of us looking at moving up in this draft. My guess is that we covet a particular edge rusher. I believe the target is Jordan Willis, but what do I know? The point is that our HC may have identified an edge rusher that he thinks could supplant one or more of our more expensive roster vets. The money saved could help us extend/re-sign Poe next year.
  7. It seems like a lot to pay for a guy that few of us valued 6 weeks ago. But then again, Quinn is an excellent evaluator of DL talent. IF Willis is the perfect fit for our defense's need, then it would be well worth the cost in draft capital. I am an OL-first type of guy. In this draft, I don't see a Steve Hutchinson caliber OG, so relying on Schweitzer/Thornton/Garland and possibly a late round prospect will have to do. Acquiring a possible co-star pass rusher from the #31 pick (plus a late 2nd rounder) is pretty much a coup.
  8. I believe the point is that he 1. doesn't get a running start 2. starts with a 90 degree bend at his knees and hips This is a starting position that mimics a stance with hand on ground. This is impressive explosiveness.
  9. Are you up to date with Tetanus immunization?
  10. KOG, you have been a very reliable source in the past. I know you can't leak a name, but can you mention a particular area of interest, like D-front seven, or OL?
  11. For me? I like John Johnson and Kai Nacua.
  12. I am going with the growing impression that Quinn wants Willis. There are also rumors that the Giants are very interested in Willis as well. It would force us to use our second rounder this year to move ahead of NYG. We may be able to squeeze an extra 6th or 7th rounder out of Denver, but the reality is that we will have to pay a premium. Some would say that a second rounder is too valuable in this class. I say: Give Quinn what he wants. An example of what the first three picks could look like: 1: Willis---Quinn's choice to pair with Beasley 3: Dalvin Tomlinson/Larry Ogunjobi to provide more pass rush from the interior. 4: Julie'n Davenport. Developmental OT to provide depth behind Matthews.
  13. My guess: We trade up with Denver. We get pick #20 and give up our first and second round picks this year. We draft Jordan Willis.
  14. We all understand that the NFL likes to remain relevant as close to year 'round as possible. Sure they like to make it seem like they care about players' health, but honestly, they just want to dominate the sports year as much as possible. My only objection is the way bye weeks are doled out. Why can't bye weeks be uniformly distributed? Have all AFC teams take their byes on the same dates and all NFL teams on another date. Example: Week 8- AFC bye, Week 9-NFC bye. Or better yet, divide the season into thirds and have bye weeks separate each third. By alternating the NFL and AFC byes, the American public would get football every week. Surely the schedulers can work around that. It has to be simpler than the system employed today. It certainly would be more equitable.