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  1. But Mr. Hussain, Bill said this and what would Hillary do?
  2. Them whining and crying about the loss over the last 4 months is constructive, nor is it doing anyone any good either.
  3. They have been for a while now. Remember Ryan had his power point presentation and he elaborated that it was a three phase situation. Like you said the CBO can't score it that way obviously, and it is basically the same situation that it was when Pelosi said we'd have to pass the bill to see what's in the bill. Not a good way of doing business that's for sure.
  4. Mika just got braces and now she is lisping like Cindy Brady
  5. Yep, they'd do the same thing again. They want to control how we think. Just like Mika said belowe in this clip at the 41 second mark...it is our job to control how you think
  6. I agree with this. If your the big dog you should take your share of blame as well. He should've sent feelers out before he started this process, gauging it's readiness. Meaning he would no they weren't ready at this time and they should tackle tax reform first, that is his biggest mistake.
  7. I think they had plans all along but some of you said they didn't. The problem is like you suggest, it amazes me that this the best they could do. They have factions pulling against each other which is making this more challenging. The moderates against the Freedom Caucus, both of them against a plan that would appease the democrats as well. This thing smells like brussel sprouts left in the sun for 3 days.
  8. That's fair, but you were trying to throw all of it on him earlier.
  9. Repealing the ACA, Republican Congress said give us the house (they got it), give us the Senate (they got it), give us the POTUS (they got it), now they had everything they claim they needed to get the repeal and replace done. Throwing all the blame on Trump with this reasoning seems a bit disingenuous to me. They had 7 years to have the stars align and this is all they have (Obamacare Lite) and it's Trump's fault? I fault him for taking it on before a passable bill was actually presented. I fault him for not getting a few things under his belt first like tax reform, his SCOTS nomination, etc. Having those wins would've given him some momentum.
  10. I bet you are... Pro Bono obviously...okay, there is a joke here, but we don't need to go there now do we?
  11. They can make policy changes as long as anything that strays into the realm of policy and qualifies as strictly budget-related, does not violate the rule.. That's what the Byrd rule is. Someone answer me this though. It is my understanding that congress can only invoke the reconciliation process twice in one year. If they use the process to get the AHCA through the house, doesn't that only leave leave one-bullet (metaphorically speaking) to use the reconciliation process to get Gorsuch's SCOTUS nomination approved?
  12. Time to help out your girl http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/03/23/rehab-addict-nicole-curtis-sued-by-city-minneapolis.html
  13. What 60 days? I'd rather get it right than rush it through like the Democrats did. It's not enough to say you got a healthcare bill through like the last administration. You need something that actually accomplishes that goal of making it affordable. Right now it is basically a plastic card to stick in your wallet for a lot of people. You can flash that card around but if you cannot afford to use in (which is the case for many) what good is it? Only the government (ACA) can take a system where around 85% were happy with their healthcare and screw over more people than when they started.
  14. Momma Mia that's a lot of meatballs...
  15. At this moment it is a disaster. But it's not over yet, it may even be tossed aside (for right now) to move onto other things. I think all of us can admit they fumbled the ball on this one. In the end do they get it right? That's what I am concerned about, not the little failures along the way, but the successes in the end. That's all we can hope for as a nation.
  16. You got to watch that one Sponge...I bet you're real scurred
  17. I've got one word for you "fishing"
  18. Yeah, I kind of hemmed and hawed at 31. Like I said I'd rather go defense.
  19. Yep, it was kind of sad though. If I remember correctly, Bruce died a couple weeks before it was released. So it was bittersweet to say the least.
  20. I remember I took a girlfriend to "Enter The Dragon" back in 73' she though I was crazy, she's like why the he.ll are we watching this crap? I just laughed...
  21. If we had to, Lamp's not a bad choice. Seriously, still want to go defense though. Lately I've been on the DE Derek Rivers train. LBer T.J. Watt, I don't think we need to draft another DT, although this draft is loaded with good ones. Safety in a later round, I like Maye and Williams. RB, I'm not so sure we are looking to draft one honestly?
  22. I like this, The Bruce Lee Story... 93' with Jason Scott Lee
  23. Sho nuff
  24. That's already been done...Carbon Copy
  25. I'm not a fan of Farve. Okay, I don't even like the guy, but I will give him credit, he can still zip it at 48 and he stays in shape.