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  1. Well, I do have a healthy appetite.
  2. Yep, the Jesse Tuggle's are few and far between.
  3. I'm all for that Sponge, as long as you are not in the vid
  4. I like some of these UFDAs, but realistically what can we expect? I would be happy if one or two could make the 53 and same for the practice squad.
  5. This is what's wrong with the "DC Machine" that someone like Trump is fighting hard against. You can tell it is going to be difficult to change when members of your own party want the status quo. It's not easy to change 240 years of organized corruption from both sides.
  6. Yeah, aren't many Raquel Welch's around anymore.
  7. For whatever reason you choose, humor, wittiness, level-headed, spirited, passionate, story-telling, for whatever reason name your top 5 ABF posters. In no particular order: @marla_mulder @Billy Ocean @JDaveG @silentbob1272 @SpongeDad Of course there are some honorable mentions in there like Cappy, Flip Wilson, but I want to keep this to 5 Name yours...
  8. Last year I had a dream we'd win the SB and I'd sleep with Raquel Welch. I though I was going to go 1 for 2, but I went O'fer
  9. This is not what you want to do. This guy is asking for a scatched out eye or clawed balls...
  10. Obama campaigned a lot. More so than governing, but it is what it is. Let's move forward and support our POTUS and watch him do good things for all of us.
  11. If you think I'm pathetic then I know I'm doing something right.
  12. Take two aspirin and sleep the next 8 years...
  13. Hire this man right now!
  14. I thought about you RG...it was your food though
  15. Still poking at 95...he's my hero
  16. Now you cannot really go there. Obama campaigned throughout his 8 years...I suspect Trump will do the same.
  17. 70%
  18. I could've put you in a tie with Sponge it was that close...
  19. I cleaned some fish for my dad I caught this weekend and took it out to his place in the assisted living retirement home. He has a multitude of GF's there. I think he cooks it and invites them over. It's elderly currency there where he can trade it for some punani/love taco, you know what I mean.
  20. I know I'm gonna get fined...fugg it
  21. Ah, the Victorian age!
  22. In before we need to start Torgersen over Ice threads... The UDFAs list is intriguing though.
  23. Breaks 1st tackles nearly every run. I think he will be a monster in short yardage and then some.
  24. The DL is stacked from top to bottom. Depth galore. No longer is this an issue with the defense.