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  1. It's amazing how two people can have such a different take on a video. Maybe you need to re-watch it again.
  2. He said no charges for anything, including obstruction.
  3. Dershowitz says their is no wrong doing or even a crime that Trump could be indicted for regarding the investigation.
  4. Didn't you see my Alan Dershowitz tape today? Here, I'll repost it. Forget about the investigation or at least the outcome that some on the left want.
  5. That's my point. I hope Hannity isn't making the same mistake.
  6. If he doesn't have the evidence this reminds me of Maddow with Trump's tax return.
  7. Bezos WashPo, trying to silence the other side...I'm not even surprised.
  8. I don't know these. Are they a carryout food item or are they bagged from the grocery store?
  9. Did anyone here aunt Mae complain? Okay then.
  10. Just seems like a lot of junk in those bellies (3 bags) I know I'd ralph after that. 3 big bags or snack bags? Snack bags okay then.
  11. I know several DC police/detectives, they are not incompetent. The department is actually pretty good. I would hate to think this is a political move, but it just smells fishy.
  12. Do you think that was an oversight? Leads to my theory more likely.
  13. Do yourself a favor and watch both of them for a couple of days. I try and get views from both sides. These two are certifiable. My wife and I were watching Maddow one night and she made me change the channel, that's saying something right there.