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  1. Good safeties don't come along too often either. This draft has a few of them.
  2. After all of that...I still wouldn't get my hopes up for him being there at 31.
  3. Ok? I don't understand your point. If I'm not mistaken, all of them need a safety as well.
  4. Um, all those teams have picks before we do. Doubt he makes it to pick 31.
  5. Big Hoss in the house! Add Grady and we have the Falcons Wrecking Crew.
  6. I could care less when they agree or disagree. My point is--and has always been--the media's opinion carries no more weight than yours or mine.
  7. I really feel a lot better about signing him now that the pundits have spoken.
  8. I guess we're officially in the dead part of the season when we're making shiznit up to talk about. Trading Ryan thread again? You couldn't find anything else to discuss huh?
  9. Baker would be better than what we currently have at FS. Allen may be even smaller than baker, but lacks the speed and instincts we need to cover over top of the corners.
  10. But...but...what if we can get them for a ham sandwich g-dawg?
  11. Alrighty then...He and Jarrett should be a two man wrecking crew up the middle.
  12. Draft is full of CBs this year--some good ones. Falcons should shop Trufant to see what they can get for him in the draft. Leave Alford and Collins as the starters and let the rookie play behind them and learn--unless he can beat either one of them out of their starting job.
  13. Falcons coach Dan Quinn said he had a "good visit" with Dontari Poe and wants him to be on the team. Quinn said the Falcons discussed an offer with Poe. "I liked him," Quinn said. Now Falcons just awaiting word with Poe visiting Dolphins. Vaughn McClure, ESPN Staff Writer https://t.co/avjR3aIktX Oops...sorry didn't see it posted already.
  14. Better bring in someone to compete for his position this year.