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  1. No, what he's saying is he doesn't give a HECK who these message board draft experts want.
  2. Pioli? I see what you did there. Nice try.
  3. Baker would be the perfect replacement for Allen. University of Washington runs the same defensive scheme we run; and he's a sure tackler with speed to cover over top. I'd be happy picking him up, but don't know where we'd pick him. OG/DE is a priority for me. Gotta fix protecting Matt and get another pass rusher.
  4. I'm just looking forward to the team as a whole (coaching, offense, defense & special teams) improving this year.
  5. LOL...man just give it up. Don't you realize by now I'm not going to prove anything to YOU?
  6. Ok. Like I said, we're all entitled to our opinions. You kept to your view...unlike a couple here who want to go on the defense trying to justify their opinions.
  7. You replied so my comments touched a nerve...you came to his defense when you didn't have to. It's a forum, you don't like my comments, oh well.
  8. Feel better?
  9. No, I'm not researching anything to appease YOU.
  10. Dumb according to who? You? Some of you little huggers just crack me up the way you defend a player so hard. He can be your favorite player, that's okay to have favorite players. But he's just not mine, so don't get mad because I don't like him.
  11. You tell me since you're such a staunch supporter.
  12. Evidently you're one of the ones watching with rose colored glasses.
  13. AND of Trufant, Alford & Collins he (Trufant) is not the physical player Quinn supposedly covets. He's about 160 lbs soaking wet and cannot jam anyone off the line. Holding on for dear life doesn't count.