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  1. Oh I'm not saying coaching wasn't a major piece of the loss. There were a number of things Quinn could have did has HC (e.g., timeout and regroup the defense/give a breather, place Toilolo on Hightower (instead of Freeman), maybe play Goodwin on guys who were beating Collins and Poole, etc.). We had those fourth quarter lapses in a number of games last season. Patriots just waited until the right time to speed up their play and wear down the defense.
  2. Sean McDermott comes from that Jim Johnson tree in Philly where Johnson ran a helluva defense. He brought the same aggressive defensive play calling to Carolina and knows how to get after the opponent. I'd say your defense will definitely get back on track. If he gets a good offensive signal caller the Bills should challenge the New England Bradys.
  3. He's going to bring an attacking defense, so you guys may finally be able to give Brady problems.
  4. Exactly why you need LBs who can cover and a secondary that jams/disrupts the route timing in man coverage. Makes Tom Terrific hold the ball longer. We had him out of sync until our defense tired in the fourth.
  5. Coaching wasn't the ONLY reason, let's just be honest. Players contributed tremendously to the fourth quarter collapse.
  6. They might have the biggest set of LBs, but we'll have the fastest. Can't wait to unleash Debo and Duke this year.
  7. odom has some nice raw skills, with a nice power move as well. With DQ and Young coaching him up we should see him flourish. Look forward to seeing what he can do.
  8. Just going with what Carolina stated they want to do. You saying Cam can't be a get the ball out quickly to playmakers type QB? Your other point ain't happening...Quinn wants to attack defenses--not run a ball control offense. I'm sure he'll be smarter when to run the ball this year.
  9. The Patriots strategy was to quick snap, dink and dunk them down the field on long drives. Quinn will design a defense to counter that; otherwise every opponent will try to attack us this way. Carolina already came out and said they want to adopt a Patriots style offense.
  10. Problem is, they are only getting a taste of a real Navy Seals regimen. Now if they have something similar in place with their trainers that'll work too.
  11. I hope we come up with a good endurance plan so our guys don't tire as much late in games and end of season.
  12. He can add all the wrinkles he wants, as long as Matt has the ability to audible out of plays as he sees fit. Guy is an experienced vet who deserves more playcalling freedom--includes when to go up-tempo..
  13. We need all the pass rushers we can get to keep guys fresh through the rotations.
  14. There you go...fixed it.
  15. Which means...good for us.