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  1. yes sir
  2. In my eyes, he would be a great GM if he can move Bazeless.
  3. Bucs got to worry about that OL. Mike Smith and Dirk Kotter got us killed by having the skill positions but no OL.
  4. This is why they need to make a developmental league
  5. I guess he wanted to "hurdle" to get one of those $26 pock chop sandwiches
  6. I wish they would make a triple A for the players that do not make the roster. This creates jobs and keeps them playing ball.
  7. I like the Jets. Living in Long Island, Islanders grew on me then they went to Brooklyn. I cannot stand the Penguins, Rangers, Canadians, Lightning, Kings, Flyers and Sidney Crosby.
  8. I root for the Preds, Caps, Bruins, Blackhawks and Sabres
  9. I am happy. Just need our pitchers to come up and change the guard.
  10. Go Preds or anyone to beat the Penguins
  11. He is coming around. Who is he battling for NLROY?
  12. If Cabrera can get his control. That would be a powerful 6-7-8 before JJ.
  13. He crushed that ball.
  14. I liked the pitch count in the first inning. I did not like us 0 for 2 with RISP
  15. I always have my kids when we go to the PX to tell them thank you for your service.
  16. Yep, happy many people died but I am going to say Happy Memorial day and roast a hotdog. Yes, I want to throat punch them.
  17. Thanks Adams
  18. lead off hit for Kemp. Come on Adams!!!!!!!!
  19. Thanks Robb, I live in NY plus I will be in Virginia visiting friends. Make sure people know do not say Happy Memorial Day. That is just irritating to here when you know the reason for this day.
  20. Good point.
  21. Let Rios take his lumps and replace Adonis. This young infusion of talent is going to be nice.
  22. I had a couple pay for my meal. I wanted to thank them but they left. They stayed anonymous. I was in uniform heading back to Iraq.
  23. Most in our shoes would agree but when people pay for your meals and drinks. It helps.
  24. Just a thank you and a handshake works.