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  1. This team is hitting and crushing the ball in Milwaukee
  2. We have to work the offense through howard. He does not need to touch the ball every possession but he needs more than first quarter touches. This keeps your opponents and he is a mismatch on the opposition most nights. Bazeless has to go.
  3. Bazeless was worse, We need to package him with many picks and get Jimmy butler or Paul George
  4. Power 5 school?
  5. Yes, What did we get, Sammy Watkins
  6. Traded to Buffalo
  7. I would take that trade with the Saints
  8. I loved it.
  9. He was all over those Eagle fans
  10. Drew Pearson is getting these Eagle Fans
  11. Villanova has more selections in this draft than my Georgia Bulldogs
  12. Take a second from them next year, helps us.
  13. yep to the Taints
  14. That Miami orange is horrible
  15. One of these are gone, Will not say who