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  1. A good game of catch with Brett Favre results in this
  2. I have said it before. I like you Johnnybuc and a couple of other rivals that come on our boards that do not troll. We have our trolls like every fan base but it is in all good fun. I say Cam stinks and you say blow 25 point lead. I say Rae Carruth then you say Mike Vick. It is about the smack talk and the knowledge projected in the talk. Please keep coming by.
  3. My bad on saying he and not the coaches name. I agree. I love that he has say on the roster.
  4. I agree. He killed us with not developing players. I see Lolo and Hageman getting better under DQ than under Smith. I like Smith. He helped us get rid of some demons but DQ will get something better for this team. JMHO.
  5. Wisconsin killed one of my brackets. Villanova is done. I have UNC in the other but want Duke to win. I have them playing UNC for the Championship in that bracket.
  6. I agree with the comment about Blank, Smith Era of ownership from 1966-2001 Playoff appearances (6), Division Titles (2), NFC Championship game appearances (1), NFC Champs (1) Blank Era of ownership from 2002-Present Playoff appearances (7), Division Titles (4), NFC Championship game appearances (3), NFC Champs (1) I have really watched the Falcons since 1989. I have been very happy in the Blank era. I remember the Falcons drafting Tony Smith, RB in the first round with the pick we received for Brett Favre. Blank era is so much better and will be better in the life of this franchise.
  7. Mike Smith did not develop. Our team had to think and complete and that hurt. Our defense is reading and reacting and it is making this team better. Mike Smith said tough and Physical and Dan Quinn brought when he stated it in his first introduction to being the Head Coach.
  8. There are certain rival posters that are trolls. There are certain that talk smack but can have a conversation. You, Johnnybuc and a saints guy that slips my memory that are not trolls. I enjoy talking and talking smack to you and hearing your info.
  9. You guys need a third receiving option. Olson will be Olson. Benjamin will be 2 years removed from his injury. Funchess needs to make a major stride this year(I think this and another option at TE makes your offense very strong) Also, I think it will be a mistake if you guys go Fournette. I think Dalvin Cook hits your offense better. Cook can be that third option also in the passing game. On defense, you have to worry about your ends getting older too quick. I agree you guys might double dip in the draft on DE. If Kalil is bad then the rest of your line has to compensate for his deficiencies. I see Carolina as a 7-9 win team before the draft. If you guys have impact on offense then the South will be a dog fight.
  10. I think if you go with a DT earlier and a guard or versatile guard/center then it works better. Good attempt.
  11. I recorded it and everytime I record. My teams lose. 2012 UGA SEC Championship game. 2012 NFC Championship game. 2012 Clemson game. I still have no watched it but I cannot delete it because I want that reminder of how close we were.
  12. Prince and Bembry will get increased minutes next year.
  13. Here is the article Supposedly, said what she said