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  1. Totally... I'd like a DE, OLB, and a 3Tech DT. I think we need to add pressure all around; not just a specialist.
  2. The way he's falling is ridiculous. His production alone makes him draftable. I would be happy with drafting him... I'm not sure what round though. I think he could be a solid base end for running downs who could shift to 3 tech on passing downs. I think he'll stick and produce.
  3. Could happen. Pretty early in his career. That's the thing... in order for it to happen, Grady would have to play 17 years, and be selected to the Pro-Bowl a third of them before even taking into consideration that Van Note was selected later in his respective draft. No disrespect to Grady. That's just not a reasonable hope, even while being optimistic about him.
  4. I like Grady. He was a steal. But c'mon.
  5. I understand the line of thinking. Definitely will be some decisions to be made. Regardless, we should be getting some excellent players with that selection.
  6. They'll stick to their own board, for sure. I'd bet anything that some of the picks will be pointed at as a reach by plenty of folks on the board, and in the media. Hopefully, come January, people will be calling those reaches "brilliant picks," regardless of the position. (See Neal, Jones, Campbell.)
  7. That's how I see it. And quite possibly FS and OLB.
  8. Dorian Johnson, Ethan Pocic, Feeney, Dawkins, Elflein (don't care for Elflein)... any of those guys could be there, and could be good value. You might have other preferences, which is fine, but none would be unreasonable picks. To be fair, I think there are some projects who are likely to be available later who could pan out to be just as good... like Jordan Morgan, Eluemunor, and in time maybe even Levin, the dude from Chattanooga.
  9. Ok, say we get one early, and Schweitzer does step up, and is a quality starter. Then we have a guy with a year of seasoning to step in for Levitre next year when he moves on. I don't see how that's a bad thing. I'm all about BPA though... and I think that in the 2nd, OG could very well be BPA. Probably not in the first. Of course, any of these projections and predictions fly out the window on draft day.
  10. Hope he works out. We'd still be in huge need of depth that can step up as a starter in a year.
  11. Lamp would not be a reach at all. Neither would one of several converted OT's... Cam Robinson, for instance... Moton, or if Ramczyk falls a bit. A couple of those guys should be there. I wouldn't pick one just to pick one, though- I'd prefer a DE or OLB. I think there will be several good OG options at our second pick, though. As for the OT's, I think a back up who is also a Swing Tackle, who actually gets snaps is worthwhile in the second day. I like Garcia for that role, if he's available in round 3. Smaller than you'd probably want for a LT or RT, but athletic and mobile & big enough for a Swing Tackle. But I guess the thread is saying that OG is a sure thing with our first pick, and THAT it's not.
  12. But doesn't that back the argument for early-round OL? We need a starter RG this year, a starter LG next year, and need to improve our depth across the line.
  13. Of those guys, Poe will probably be exorbitant. Clay, Gabriel, Ishmael, Hageman, and Upshaw will be pretty cheap. Freeman is a guy I'd let test FA before trying to resign. RB's don't seem to do well when they switch teams, and are highly replaceable. Of course, I'm one who would have parted with Trufant, so clearly the front office does not value my opinion. (All things considered, his contract was pretty reasonable, but still not where I would have spent the money.)
  14. I think they should consider moving Trufant. But admittedly it could totally backfire.
  15. Good points overall... just addressing this part. Alford was cheap, and I don't see him getting very good value in terms of picks in a trade. Agreed though- the draft is a crap shoot. That's a big reason why I want as many picks as we can get.