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  1. I don't like the Tackles. The Guards I think are pretty solid, particularly for Zone schemes. There's more than a handful of guys I'd be happy with, and who I think could play, all the way to our 4th rounder. I'd be good with Lamp with our first, though I do prefer an EDGE, or Reddick or Cunningham. I think Lamp could be the BPA at 31, while not being the best value because I think some OGs could be available later without a great drop off in ability.
  2. I mean... not remotely likely. But 32 teams have 32 different boards, and they all have their needs prioritized in a way only they know. So the result is that weird stuff happens. Fingers crossed, because that would be great.
  3. Unnecessary maybe, but I think what they are really doing is setting up to be able to pick the BPA no matter what. OG doesn't work out for our pick? No big deal. I still want one though. It just doesn't have to be a first day starter any more. Same with Poe. He's on a 1 year deal, so DT is still a need, but whomever they bring in as a DT doesn't need to start on day 1. They can develop and evaluate for a year. I like the strategy.
  4. Your score is: 11842 (GRADE: B+) Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 31: Forrest Lamp, OG/OT, Western Kentucky (A-) Round 2 Pick 31: Carl Lawson, DE/OLB, Auburn (A+) Round 3 Pick 31: Pat Elflein, C/OG, Ohio State (A) Round 4 Pick 29: Jaleel Johnson, DT, Iowa (A+) Round 5 Pick 30: George Kittle, TE, Iowa (A-) Round 7 Pick 31: Freddie Stevenson, FB, Florida State (C+)
  5. I think that game that Kurt Kittner started might have been the hardest to watch.
  6. I actually really like that mock for us. 1) Jordan Willis (EDGE) 2) Carlos Watkins (DT) 3) Bucky Hodges (TE) 4) Sean Harlow (OG) Seems like that's pretty early for Willis, but I know he's shot up a lot of boards since the combine.
  7. That is how I look at it. It's more a regression to the mean, rather than dropping off. I could see us improving the time of possession, and dropping off a few points per game. I also agree with a few posts that we really need to address the OL depth in a serious way. I'd be happy to bring Chester back, and have him just as a reserve while drafting a OG/C and a OG/OT later on in the draft. We need to replace Compton just as urgently as we need to replace Chester, and I think we also need to address how we are going to replace Levitre next year in this off season.
  8. I think that could be cap-prohibitive, but of he does well this year, then I would be for it, cost aside.
  9. But Dude, we're talking about a 7th round back of the roster Special Teamer here. At that point you're drafting athletes and hoping that you can teach them a thing or two.
  10. If you're looking at the draft as something that builds the team beyond the current year, DT is absolutely still a need. Poe is a bandaid that will allow whomever we draft to grow into a productive DT. We just won't need to double dip there th is year. A 3 Tech would still help us out a lot.
  11. 350 is just too much. 320 is plenty and would add so much mobility. Fat is never productive weight.
  12. If he's been having back issues, losing weight is a great idea to help him keep healthy (football healthy, not to mention the important healthy).
  13. I don't think I'd want to wait that long for a DT. Maybe 3rd AND 5th. I assume you want a DE/EDGE in the 1st?
  14. Oh yeah. That wasn't a sky-is-falling post. I think we get an OG early, and add another OG/OT or OG/C in the draft. One starter and one depth guy with roster flexibility. I am also optimistic about Schweitzer. I think we'll be fine. It just needs to be addressed. I also think that interior DT is still something we need to pay attention to. I think Poe is most likely a 1 year band-aid, giving us a year to draft and get a guy developed to be more productive in 2018.