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  1. Was that when Kitner played?
  2. I would love for the Falcons to be the ones to end his career. I'd LOVE it. But to be fair, I'd be almost as happy for the Panthers to end his career. Or any other team. Or his practice defense.
  3. No idea if this guy kicks for his team or not. But it's not a new concept to take a soccer player and make them a kicker/punter in football. I think doing that with a rugby player makes a lot more sense, because they can also be effective tacklers on Teams. Also, since rugby players are accustomed to playing both offense and defense, they could make ideal bottom-of-the-roster/ST players, filling in as utility as needed on both sides of the ball. The only down side is that blocking definitely will not come naturally to them, so defense might be the better spot for them.
  4. Who do you cut for 37 year old Freeney?
  5. Hurts a little bit to call 7s "Union." IMO, only 15s is Union.
  6. For some reason, I think we'll regret letting Hageman move on to another team, if we don't re-sign him. We knew he was raw and immature coming into the NFL. He seems like he's just now starting to 'get it.' Not that that's relevant to "news" about Hageman's hit list...
  7. I agree. I see him as the best lead of a RB committee in the league, but not a bellcow kind of guy, deserving bellcow money. I'd hope we don't go over $7MM/yr, and I say that only because I think less is unrealistic.
  8. Reed had a bunch of those snaps on ST... but yeah, I'd love to see someone get more production out of those snaps (though Reed was doing a lot more at the end of the year and in the playoffs). I think Campbell will be taking some of Reed's snaps this year.
  9. I just hope they both stay healthy. If they can both stay on the field, then yeah, that's a great duo. I really want to see how they rotate them, and who comes in in what situations...
  10. My prediction is that he makes the bottom of the roster, and is not activated until one of the 3 interior guys are out injured. That prediction is based on nothing at all.
  11. It's Wes' spot to lose. It seemed like the competition between him and Chester came down to the wire last year.
  12. I'd like to see -generally- Jarrett & Poe on 1st and 2nd downs, and Hageman and Jarrett on 3rd or obvious passing downs. Upshaw to relieve Jarrett as a true backup, rather than pure situational.
  13. My understanding is that he's been down a couple of years, and there wouldn't be a lot of teams interested in signing him to a long term deal. However, I was also thinking that Thornton got a couple $MM in his contract, and I see he was only at $690k. I'm thinking $2 or $3MM 1 year for Franklin.
  14. Yeah, I think he'd be better than Thornton though. Same kind of guy, same kind of contract, IMO.