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  1. Per Pauline they wanted Justin Evans... now its Harris?
  2. I ordered tickets for the Vikings game... all in.
  3. @Atlfanstckndenver can you pin this? I checked my schedule and I am off work that weekend. If we are certain on the Vikings game on December 10th, I will get my tickets asap. It would be great to get a discounted rate at a hotel nearby for the group. Also, perhaps the team will throw in some giveaways like they used to.
  4. Man I would love it!
  5. Getting a feel may mean deciding how much they are willing to give up to go get him.
  6. I like the players up to Round 5. I don't like not drafting an EDGE guy. One can use the same logic for drafting an EDGE in Round as a WR in Round 2, but the Falcons are even deeper at WR. Clayborn is only locked up for this season, Reed will be a cut candidate after this season, which leaves the team with Beasley in a league where multiple pass rushers are a necessity. And if for some reason he gets hurt? It would be a travesty to not come away with another pass rusher as deep as this class is.
  7. Evans can play FS (if he becomes a more consistent tackler.) He has range. He's also a plus returner.
  8. OJ Howard... what does everyone make of this?
  9. Ok. Thanks guys.
  10. How do you get a B- when your top 2 picks make the All-Rookie team?
  11. Yeah. This year, outside of Garrett, no one really knows. If you pick Thomas at 2, and someone else goes, that's not just one miss, that's two. The QBs this year make it even more interesting.
  12. Here's a good spot to see how people have faired, going by # of players picked in the top 100. It's extremely difficult to predict a player to a team at a high rate, but it is fun.
  13. I doubt he will be there. the comparison though is how unrealistic does it sound. Would it have sounded realistic to mock Grady in Round 5? If so, why was everyone so dayum shocked?
  14. You should. You mean like mocking Aaron Rodgers to Green Bay? Or Wilfork to New England? There were six people that participated. I don't expect Reddick to be there, personally, but stranger things have actually happened.
  15. Fact is, after Myles Garrett, no one knows exactly what's going to happen. If I would have told you the Falcons would get Grady Jarrett in the 5th a couple years ago, you would have said that's unrealistic. Of course, you could come up with your own mock and see how well you fair against all the others.