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  1. Oddly, my first real suspicion that the Falcons would make it to the Super Bowl last season came during the loss at Seattle. They started the game poorly, but then came roaring back in the toughest environment in the NFL, and really should have won it. Even in losing, anyone who knows NFL football could see that they were becoming a serious contender. And they went on from there to beat the crap out of every defense they faced except for the Philly game, which was just a case of exhaustion.
  2. Yeah he was not MVP stuff unless you count game managing. Griese (who did come back late in the year and played in the super bowl) only averaged about 14 passes per game if I remember correctly. But to me it's extremely impressive that they achieved perfection with two qbs.
  3. True...but keep in mind there were something like 287 other receivers who were catching 131,744 Matt Ryan passes last year. You know...approximately. There aren't enough footballs to go around with this offense.
  4. I like how Sanu always looks for somebody to run over after he makes a catch.
  5. Don't all of them drink lean? ( Defensive lineman, I mean. What were you thinking? )
  6. I think he's the type player who will benefit greatly from the talent around him, which is looking to be pretty loaded. The Falcons are putting together a defense that just might cause a lot of NFL OCs to lose quite a bit of sleep.
  7. Good question ------ I can't really think of any others that loaded.
  8. You can pick and choose a single play or call that killed us that day, but the fact is, about a dozen things had to happen JUST PERFECTLY in the Patriots' favor to get them in position to win that game. So, partly because they're who they are, greatest coach/qb duo in history...partly because the Falcons defense was completely gassed, and partly because Shanahan got stubborn at the end....every single one of those things happened. We lost the big one, but it's probably 95% certain that we wouldn't have even been there without Shanahan, in my opinion.
  9. 'Revenge' for losing LI can't be done. Even if they win the next five, that loss can't be reckoned or balanced or whatever you want to call it. Having said that...of course I'd like to see the guy rip Brady's head off his body and skull f___ it before the light in his eyes flickers out.
  10. Wow, Lmao. Brohm would've taken us to the Promised Land!! Yeah, I remember posters calling Ryan a 'Goober' and 'Dork'. Here's to another 10 years with Goober.
  11. Freeman is the work horse, but the second Coleman went down back on Feb 5, I told my wife, 'Now we're in trouble'. She laughed. Later on she wasn't laughing. The Falcons are soooo much better with a healthy Coleman.
  12. On paper, maybe Seattle or Green Bay could. Now, off the paper.....the Eagles might be able to, simply because the Falcons just for some reason do not show up against the Eagles most of the time they meet. They quite often look terrible against Philadelphia, like back when we had to face the Rams twice a year. Ugly days those were.