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  1. Below is an artical from The Falcoholic on how deep the draft is in TE. When the Patriots had both Gronk and Hernandez they were virtually unstoppable. The two TE set is also something our new OC tends to favor. Defenses have fits when you come out in a TE set wit TEs that can both block and run deeper routes. Sark likes to flex his TEs outside increasing the need for us to get a faster TE to pair with Hooper. You can exploit so many weaknesses in defensive personnel out of this set and the pass rushers more often don't have any idea if it's pass or run presnap making it harder for them to tee off. With this draft being deep at TE, I would love to see a younger guy who can get deep in passing game come up the develop alongside the promising Hooper and rotate in with the nasty blocker Toilolo. I'd say round 4 or 5 we could see us draft one. Now, if coaches truly believe Perkins is that guy we will not draft another one but right now, as a fan, that's a big question mark. We were disappointed to see Jacob Tamme’s impressive stint with the Atlanta Falcons come to a screeching stop due to injury. At 32, Tamme was a very reliable safety valve, but we were pretty confident the team would try to get younger at the position. We have had an eye out at tight end in this upcoming draft, and the team may have lucked out. Every year Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal polls scouts and general managers across the league, and puts out perhaps the most well-informed draft primer days before teams begin making selections. The depth is making the league say, “woah!” Dan Quinn is likely eyeing some defensive help and a few guards early in the draft, but tight end may pop up on day two and day three. Here’s what some NFL personnel folks are saying. The Falcons are expected to run a similar offense that needed four roster spots dedicated to the tight end position. The only locks at that position are Austin Hooper and Levine Toilolo. They could be in the market for another playmaker to rotate into the offense. Here’s how the league expects the draft to go. Engram was compared to a few big wide receivers in the league, and actually made third place in the wide receiver poll. I would not expect the Falcons to be in for a tight end this early, but that might change in round two or three. Who could be available then? There are a lot of interesting prospects here. Butt, healing from an ACL injury, was compared to Heath Miller. Hodges and Leggett were compared to Jimmy Graham. Shaheen reportedly has potential to become a Jason Witten or Martellus Bennett. There is just a ton of talent available this year. Ginn reminds readers that it’s likely half of these guys won’t work out, due to either injury or other unknown reasons. Additionally, there are few guys outside of the first round that are expected to make a big impact early. However, this is a great year to invest in a backup tight end.
  2. 49ers may get OJ Howard......if the Falcons don't trade up to get him
  3. I didn't realize it until now, but it looks like while Collins was on his back, intentionally tossed that ball to Jones one handed. Also, I can never see that insanely athletic pick 6 too many times. How Jones picked that off, kept his balance and stayed on his feet is amazing. Wher is his pick 6 against New Orleans where he ran it back 82 yards with one of the fastest WRs in the NFL trying to chase him down but couldn't?
  4. So the moment we are all nice to each other, the thread immediately pulls up lame and dies!
  5. Who bumped this 15 year old thread?
  6. TD didn't just bring in a capable right hand man in Pioli to assist him, he also reorganized much of the scouting department all the way down the line over the last few years. There have been many changes. The best GMs have top level right hand men assisting them. Ozzie Newsome has Eric DeCosta, Bellichick has Ernie Adams, TD finally has a top notch one in Pioli.
  7. I absolutely love him! He's got big time, game changing play making ability and after a year in the scheme I expect a jump in production from him. This guy has perennial All Pro Written all over him IMO
  8. If we moved up for anything, it would probably be for one of the premier TEs due to the roster hole at that position.
  9. Absolutely, I've been enjoying the debate ever since I started the thread! I really like randomfan as a poster so it's hard for me to get upset with him. I usually agree with him. Larry is often a contrarian and enjoys the debate of the debate more than the substance at times but he always keeps it clean so I can't get upset with that.
  10. Everything you proclaimed others were guilty of, you were guilty of. Wild exaggeration, spin, distortion, taking yourself too you claim you are chilled out but everyone else is not. I do really like you as a poster but DUDE, you can go off the rail sometimes!
  11. You were suggesting depth at QB is same situation as depth at TE. It is not. We have no 2 and 3 QB sets in the playbook. Are we good so far? We do have several 2 and 3 TE sets in the playbook and we also know Sark likes to run these multiple TE sets even more than Shanny did. You are acting as if a drafted TE would sit next to Shaub all year and only come in in an emergency. This notion is fallacious. A receiving TE with deep speed and enough college experience against top competition to allow them to play this year WOULD play this year and would play a lot and could be a tremendous boon to this offense just for how defenses would be forced to protect for a quick 6.
  12. Larry, The title of the post is "which round will we draft a TE". I'm asking g what the team officials are planning on doing and I'm saying my belief is they will use one of our drafts picks on a TE given the loss of Jacob Tamme. Secondly, a second receiving TE in this scheme is not a backup that rides the pine all year and only plays if an injury occurs. Sark loves the two TE set even more than Shanny did. Our second receiving TE would get plenty of quality snaps this year. I hope we spend our top pick on a pass rusher. I hope we get a rush linebacker as well. That said, I also hope we get a TE who can catch the ball and runs a 4.5 or low 4.6 40.
  13. You are getting a lot of exercise moving those goal posts around. You pointed out we did just fine in 2016 when Tamme went down. i pointed out we had Hooper to step up in his place and that is why we did well. Now, you pettifog talking about Matt Ryan going down. Now, I go back to your point I was originally addressing. We did just fine with Tamme going down because we had a player who could step in for him. I ask you again, who takes Hoopers place if he goes down?
  14. You are ignoring something critical here. The loss of Tamme left us with the promising high draft pick Hooper who tore it up in a similar pro style offense in college. The loss of Hooper this year leaves us with a raw, undrafted free agent developmental player or Toilolo as receiving ability is concerned
  15. The "average" 40 yard time for tight ends at this years scouting combine was 4.66. With 4.66 the average, I expect us to get one faster than average which is where I was coming up with anywhere from the 4.5s to the low 4.6s. And while I do understand the strong argument randomfan makes in respect to having TEs who can block and catch and for 2 decades I've said exactly the same thing, times are a changin folks. I am now, for the first year really, open to either type of TE being added. With Ryan in his prime over the next 5 years or so, with such a lethally accurate long ball and ability to read defenses and mismatches, it makes perfect sense to take advantage of his acumen and deep ball accuracy by getting him another target who can score a quick TD from any part of the field. Just look at what Taylor Gabriel did for Matt Ryan and this offense as a whole. Gabriels speed changed everything.
  16. With Panthers needing a QB why don't they just sit tight and draft Tribusky at 8?
  17. My best guess is round 2 at highest, but more likely mid round. I also think whatever TE we draft will be. Are ieving TR who runs in the high 4.5 or low 4.6s. I won't be shocked if we use our top pick on one but I'm pretty sure we'll go edge rusher at top
  18. I have stated repeatedly on this thread to you that I think Hooper has average speed. Why is it you keep suggesting otherwise? I want to bring in a receiving TE that has high 4.5 or low 4.6 speed that will complement Hoopers skill set. I prefer not to bring in another TE who runs in the 4.7s or 4.8s for more versatility at the position. I'll bet TD and Quinn feel the same way I do.
  19. So you want to replicate the 2015 offense? I want a faster version of the prolific 2016 offense where we had Hooper, Toilolo and Tamme. Lets see if TD and Quinn want your 2015 version or my 2016 upgraded version.
  20. If he is that good, if he's a once in a decade type elite TE who can do it all, he would be awesome to have here with Ryan.
  21. I see your argument is about how wise it may be to spend our first round pick on one. That argument certainly has merit, but that's not what my OP is suggesting. I am thinking it's most likely it will be a middle round pick but also think it's possible we could use a top 3 pick on one, more likely pick 2 or 3 than our top pick IMO. There are several of us on the thread that see a hole at TE right now, and others who do not and keep bringing up Perkins. Perkins is still a raw, undrafted, developmental player so I'm not counting on him at this point. it will be interesting to see what TD and Quinn do. (Or, if you are GDawg, FfS70 or Shanghiadirtybird it will be interesting to see what Pioli and Quinn do.)
  22. So if Hooper is taking Tammes place, who is taking Hoopers place? This is the problem, we only have one receiving TE on the roster and our offense utilized the 2 amd 3 TE sets more than most. When people point to undrafted free agent Perkins as Hoopers backup I just cringe. We have no idea if Perkins will ever lead to anything, he's a raw developmental player at this point. I'd love it if he broke out this year but I'm not betting this teams future on it.