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  1. I think you are blaming Ryan for the mistakes his supporting cast made and crediting Brady for his supporting cast outperforming ours. it is simply a fact Ryan put the Falcons in position to win and his coaching staff blew it. Blaming Ryan for that is really unfair. Ryan did his job, he had game won with a simple FG and he knew it. He yelled "run the dam ball"....he knew he had just beaten Tom Brady and won Super Bowl if they just kicked the FG.
  2. Ryan played better than Brady in that game. Ryans support played worse than Brady's support. I didn't see Brady's OL giving up sacks with game on line or his coaches making fatal decisions that cost us the game. That's not on Ryan.
  3. Against a defense that played 80 and 90 snaps? There was no pass rush left. Brady just sat back waiting for receivers to get open. No doubt Rodgers could. Matt Ryan could many come from behind wins do you need to see from him to know that!
  4. I will give you this. Fitzpatrick definitely could have a payed as poorly in first 3 1/2 quarters as Brady did. No, Fitz couldnt have engineered final two drives but if you completely ignore our defense was gased at time Brady started playing well you are giving Brady way too much credit for how he played. Any good QB should be able to destroy a defense that has played over 80 snaps.
  5. You couldn't give Ryan Fitzpatrick the ball with game on line after a defense has played 80 plus snaps and is gassed. Any NFL QB could light up a defense that played 80 and 90 snaps. I put far more weight on how he played when our average defense played normal number of snaps.
  6. I'd like to see average the defensive rankimg of each defense Ryan faced vs each defense Brady faced then look at their stats. I think you'll find Ryan faced many more buzz saws over last season than Brady did and Ryan still had better stats. Ryan was the better 2017 QB which is why he won MVP. Ryan played in the NFC, much stronger competition than the AFC. Brady had the better supporting cast and better coaching. It took all that to beat Falcons. Brady used to destroy really good defenses when he was in his prime. The last couple of seasons when I've seen him play really good defenses I watch him really struggle. He embarrassed himself in the 2016 AFCCG, and in 2017 Super Bowl he was horrible until our injury riddled defense with 4 rookies was gassed.
  7. Saying that I'm disrespecting him by simply pointing out he is in decline and backing it up is patently ridiculous . Im dealing with facts such as he played like &$@ until our defense was gassed, your argument is blind emotion.
  8. I think too many credit Brady for wins that I see his supporting cast having a much bigger role in the last couple of years. It is 100% true Brady used to carry that team on his back to heroic wins but my eyes tell me he's not doing that any longer. My eyes tell me that supporting cast including the #1 defense in NFL and #1 head coach is making him look better than he is at this pin t in his career. This is from a fan who used to watch OJ Simpson run in 2' of snow at Rich Stadium as a child
  9. He's already started his decline. He used to absolutely destroy top defenses, the last couple of years hes started struggling against top defenses. Last years AFCCG he emabarassed himself. Even in Super Bowl this year he played like s&@t against our beaten up, injury riddled defense that had 4 rookies starting including an UDFA walk on at NB up until they'd played 80+ snaps.
  10. I think he ran a blazing 40 in his pro day but mich slower at combine. After seeing that play where Cooks could hardly gain any ground on him over a 90 yard sprint I assume the pro day blazing 40 was the more accurate one.
  11. LB Deion Jones picked off a Bree's pass on 12 yard line with Brandon Cooks only 7 yards behind him and Deion ran ball all the way back for a TD about 90 yards and Cooks couldn't catch him!
  12. Pats are built for ball control, that's always what they have done exceptionally well. We knew going into game they would do that since they do that to virtually every defense. Our defense only gave up a handful of points until they got gassed after 80 snaps plus so we couldn't possibly expect more from them. They did their jobs until gassed. To blame our defense, with 4 rookies starting and bunch of injuries to key players ( including our beat defensive player Trufant) for that seems like misguided expectations. Our team was built for prolific offense that went 1-8 on 3rd down. That's where my expextations were not met. The burden was on out offense to sustain a couple of long drives to help keep defense fresh as that's where the majority of our financial resources were with Ryan, Jones, Mack, Mathews, Sanu, etc at time. For God sake, given he situation the defense played outatanding with Trufant, Shelby, Clayborn, Upshaw out and a bunch of rookies playing. It was only after they got gased they gave up a slew of points and our offense couldn't stay in field enough going 1-8 on 3rd downs to counter Patriots ball control. If Mack and Shraeder weren't injured we would have embarrassed the Patriots as once we got up we would have just run the ball 3rd and 4th quarter and eaten up the clock.
  13. If our OL had been healthy we would have destroyed the Patriots in Super Bowl. The loss of our strong running game ultimately gased our defense.
  14. Here's my take on this and I know most disagree. I think most conflate Bradys past heroics with his current play because his team is still winning. I'm simply looking at his play the last couple years post seasons against the better NFL defenses. Last years AFCCG Brady choked so badly it was remarkable. He's been increasingly struggling against good defenses the last couple years where when he was younger he destroyed good defenses. This exposes his decline. Brady used to carry his team where layely his team and coaching carries him against good defenses. Some just look at the fact Ryan and Brady were both in the MVP race last year, while ignoring Ryan was up against a gauntlet of vicious defenses all season and post season and Brady had largely a cakewalk all season. You also have to consider its much easier on a QB if he has the #1 defense backing him which Brady had. Much less pressure. Just take the Super Bowl. When our defense was fresh Brady played like absolute crap. Horrible accuracy missing wide open receivers for 3 quarters and the second longest pick 6 in Super Bowl history. Look at his play last year in AFCCG, its was atrocious. In fact, his decision making in Super Bowl even with game on line on his last two drives was highly questionable where he threw ill-advised passes directly into the bread box of Alford and another fade which should have been as easy pick...both times with no pressure against a gassed Falcn defense that had played 90 snaps by that point. Brady himself gets way too much credit for what his teammates and coaches bring. Matt Ryan far outplayed Brady in the game but Brady's supporting cast far outplayed Ryan's. Brady is not a deity to me. He's simply an aging QB in decline and that would show if he were on most NFL rosters. He's in the perfect situation where he's at to hide his decline. Dinky little passes, #1 rated defense, great OL, great running game and the best coaching in the NFL. Despite all that, he would have lost Super Bowl due to his pick 6 if Shanny had just called runs and kicked a FG.
  15. No one dares say it because some treat him as some kind of deity, but Tom Brady is in decline. Any analysis that ignores this fact is incomplete.