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  1. With Panthers needing a QB why don't they just sit tight and draft Tribusky at 8?
  2. My best guess is round 2 at highest, but more likely mid round. I also think whatever TE we draft will be. Are ieving TR who runs in the high 4.5 or low 4.6s. I won't be shocked if we use our top pick on one but I'm pretty sure we'll go edge rusher at top
  3. I have stated repeatedly on this thread to you that I think Hooper has average speed. Why is it you keep suggesting otherwise? I want to bring in a receiving TE that has high 4.5 or low 4.6 speed that will complement Hoopers skill set. I prefer not to bring in another TE who runs in the 4.7s or 4.8s for more versatility at the position. I'll bet TD and Quinn feel the same way I do.
  4. So you want to replicate the 2015 offense? I want a faster version of the prolific 2016 offense where we had Hooper, Toilolo and Tamme. Lets see if TD and Quinn want your 2015 version or my 2016 upgraded version.
  5. If he is that good, if he's a once in a decade type elite TE who can do it all, he would be awesome to have here with Ryan.
  6. I see your argument is about how wise it may be to spend our first round pick on one. That argument certainly has merit, but that's not what my OP is suggesting. I am thinking it's most likely it will be a middle round pick but also think it's possible we could use a top 3 pick on one, more likely pick 2 or 3 than our top pick IMO. There are several of us on the thread that see a hole at TE right now, and others who do not and keep bringing up Perkins. Perkins is still a raw, undrafted, developmental player so I'm not counting on him at this point. it will be interesting to see what TD and Quinn do. (Or, if you are GDawg, FfS70 or Shanghiadirtybird it will be interesting to see what Pioli and Quinn do.)
  7. So if Hooper is taking Tammes place, who is taking Hoopers place? This is the problem, we only have one receiving TE on the roster and our offense utilized the 2 amd 3 TE sets more than most. When people point to undrafted free agent Perkins as Hoopers backup I just cringe. We have no idea if Perkins will ever lead to anything, he's a raw developmental player at this point. I'd love it if he broke out this year but I'm not betting this teams future on it.
  8. I thought Hooper got injured during camp which set himback then got hurt again in regular season. Seems to me he missed time early that set him back but maybe I'm wrong * update im digging around and see he missed minicamp. I suppose it's possible this was because he hadn't graduated yet.
  9. Until Hooper proves he can stay healthy ( had two injuries last year leading to a bunch of missed time) this offense will lose a tremendous amount of versatility if Hooper goes down for the playoffs or for any length of time during regular season. So many fans keep assuming undrafted free agent Perkins is ready to take Tammes place but that's an epic leap at this point. Not saying he can't or won't, I'm saying to have him as your only backup to a Hoopers receiving ability is incredibly risky.
  10. Good post Tim. This sort of levels out the disadvantage of us having such an early bye. I wonder why my good friend @TheFatboi hasnt chimed in yet stating it's impossible at this point to know if this is a break or not, then providing theoretical examples of how that could be. I think we can say with certainty this is a break with the information we have at this point. Yes, theoretically it would be better to face a team like Green Bay that was missing its starting QB and starting RB after they came back from a bye, than face them fully healthy off no bye week.
  11. I wonder why Randomfan is igoring the hole we have with Tamme gone? To assume Toilolo replaces Tamme given the type of offense we run is way off the mark, they are entirely different players. Hooper missed time with two different injuries last year. If he goes down we've got virtually nothing but an undrafted free agent with 3 catches to step in for him on passing plays. we implement many 2 TE sets. We absolutely have a hole at TE right now and that's the hole Tamme left.
  12. We need to increase speed at the TE position. Hooper has an awesome skill set but speed is not part of it with a 4.72 combine 40. #2 TE Toilolo ran a 4.82 40 at the combine. A great compllement to Hoopers skill set in a 2 TE set against certain defenses is a TE who can threaten to get to the 3rd level with consistency. We just need to add some speed to the position. Developmental Undrafted rookie Perkins has some speed but only 3 career catches so we can't count on him breaking out this year. With Tamme gone, we also have no one behind Hooper who can step up as a receiving TE at this point but a developmental undrafted free agent. If Hooper goes down it will severely hinder our prolific offense unless we replace Tammes receiving abilitiy.
  13. Now there is an argument I can get behind, provided the TE is no slower than 4.66 or so. I don't want another draft pick used on a TE that runs in the 4..7s or 4.8s
  14. Pretty much sums it up for me too. We need another starter capable receiving TE on this roster big time , we will definitely be adding one most likely through the draft