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  1. Pressure from the line is one of, if not the biggest factor, to stopping top QBs. Often these same QBs are the players that one faces in a playoff run. Therefore, upgrade the d-line and you upgrade your chances at being successful in the playoffs. Personally I don't get why I've seen people focused on CB. There is some much more to coverage than just the CB position and I really felt like from a coverage standpoint those guys were a strength of the D. Ability to cover RBs and TEs is every bit as important as covering WRs, which has little to do with CBs.
  2. Kendricks play doesn't match his salary? Regardless of his salary, how can you judge a skill position player on a team like that Rams? Their o-line is horrible and qb play isn't any better. I'm not saying Kendricks ia or isn't worth his contract, I just don't see how anyone could expect him to be successful.
  3. I agree. I think he's enough of a leader that he knows he can not only mold the players but he can mold the coaches as well.
  4. Falcons add Charlie Weis Jr. to round out coaching staff D. Orlando Ledbetter The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 8:29 a.m. Friday, Feb. 17, 2017 Atlanta Falcons AJC file photo Follow the Falcons on AJC.com and MyAJC.com. Bush Hamdan was named the Falcons quarterbacks coach along with a few other assistants on Friday. In addition to Hamdan, the team announced the hiring of Dave Brock as an offensive assistant, Kyle Flood as the assistant offensive line coach and Charlie Jackson as a defensive assistant. The Falcons also Justin Outten as an offensive assistant, Jess Simpson as a defensive assistant, and Charlie Weis Jr. as an offensive assistant. Brock was a former head coach at Delaware and Flood at Rutgers (2012-15). Weis Jr. recently came from Florida Atlantic University. He was an offensive analyst at Alabama from 2015 to ’16. He is the son of former NFL and college football coach Charlie Weis. Hamdan was the wide receivers coach and passing game coordinator at the University of Washington. He’ll replace Matt LeFleur, who became the Los Angeles Rams offensive coordinator and work under new offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian. Hamdan, who’s never coached in the NFL, also had coaching stops at Davidson, Arkansas State and Florida, where he was the wide receivers coach in 2012, when Falcon coach Dan Quinn was the defensive coordinator.
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/www.ajc.com/sports/football/weis-added-falcons-round-out-staff/xTxDTDjB1TcjSN5x7jBBtM/amp.html
  6. Pics or it didn't happen.
  7. Putting a "hat" on a rooster? Maybe hat was the typo and I have it all wrong....just assumed he meant hat on a rooster....
  8. Would have been hard to have him around when he was already fed up last year and we were pushing brotherhood. I very much see and appreciate Roddy's points both last year and this year but at the same time I see why they let him walk. I would have loved to see him get a ring with this year's team. Him and Babs but, that's how it goes...
  9. Direct quote from a Pats fan I was talking to when I insinuated a lot of them are bandwagon fans, "I've been a fan of the Patriots since they drafted Randy Moss." He really showed me, didn't he!
  10. We need Bell, we could have the best 3 headed monster of a backfield in the NFL.
  11. His takeaway from the SB was that we need another first round corner? O.o Some of these guys either need to pay more attention or study up on the game of football...maybe a bit of both?
  12. I'm not taking any crap from a Browns fan. They can't even go .500 much less make the playoffs or play in a big game to even have the chance to blow a lead.
  13. Have said it before and will say it again, got up at 4 AM and drove to ATL for the NFCCG which was my first trip to the dome. I could not have expected or ask for a better experience from the people of Atlanta to the atmosphere in the dome to crushing the living crap out of the Packers....a memory I will never, ever forget. The only problem is, that memory was such a good one, it overshadows how awesome it was pounding the Seahawks until they literally started melting down. Imagine this, first time we played them Sherman has epic sideline meltdown. Then in the playoffs there were pushed to the point of pettiness and poor sportsmanship. Sweeping the Saints and the Panthers....so many awesome memories.
  14. A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that he has started running again, as he has battled weight issues for some time. He's a big football fan and felt my pain after the loss. I encouraged him with, "Workout like you just blew a big lead in the Super Bowl."