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  1. Exactly what I was wondering as I was reading it. Maybe get a potential deal in place just in case they don't take him?
  2. jumping to conclusions again are we?
  3. Exactly. Rules are in place, you know what they are, and millions of dollars are at stake. This has nothing to do with anyone's opinion on if it should or shouldn't be legal. If this is the case, and we obviously don't know either way, you have to make better decisions knowing what's on the line and showing some self-discipline to set yourself up for future success.
  4. you're jumping to conclusions here taking it down that path
  5. We were doing a pretty good job of making light of the situation before you came in getting all worked up about people's perceptions...but more is good!
  6. you are doing a great job of making me laugh today, thanks!
  7. I have no desire to derail this thread with a conversation like this.
  8. Probably but I used to work with some Michigan fans so I'm all over this. Anything to give them a hard time!
  9. and hopefully nobody stole his backpack with his ipad in it.....
  10. Initially I was a skeptical about signing Sanu but I have been pleasantly surprised about his impact on and off of the field. With all we've seen about his work ethic, attitude, team mentality not to mention the physical nature in which he takes on the position; it's clear why we valued him as highly as we did.
  11. It would be really interesting to be part of the meeting leading up to a presser like this. I wonder how specific they are about developing smoke screens or if they just play it by ear. I have to think they are pretty intentional about what they say and how they say it.
  12. Guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. I'm sure we picked up some "fans" last year but I don't think either team has a strong nationwide following and I have to think most bandwagon fans the Saints picked up along the way are gone after going 7-9 four out of the last 5 years. I'm going to take a moment and enjoy the Saints level of suck over that period. 7-9 is perfect because they're never really relevant but they aren't getting top draft choices either.