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  1. Considering some of the #2 QBs out there would rather have a guy that has at least had success at some point and could potentially get us through a game or two if needed.
  2. Yes, it was reported in April that coach wasn't happy with the weight he reported at, now we have the visual confirmation.
  3. "Can you catch a ball with moobs?"
  4. Where's the, "I have no freaking idea whether he does or not and don't care to speculate" option? Maybe I could have just chosen option 4 but it isn't that I don't care, just don't have the information to form an opinion.
  5. You have to love a back that is forever breaking Saints' ankles.
  6. This is my thought exactly and I believe a lot of the reason our defense didn't look better on paper than it did for the second half of last season. We were scoring big in a number of games and teams had to open things up to keep up (or try anyway) time and time again.
  7. While the team just adopted this saying recently, ironically the fan base adopted it long ago. Let's get that ring!
  8. man did I ever hate geometry class, my teacher wasn't a big fan of me either...
  9. Alright, who's been buying MR2 dolls?
  10. How about first team to 21 wins. We'd have been set!
  11. I'm taking the time to enjoy us having our act together for once!
  12. With the Bears being our first game of the season, and the fact that I just moved from Northern Indiana and know a bunch of Bears fans.... am I the only one thoroughly enjoying the mess going on in Chicago? exhibit A exhibit B
  13. There was a kid in my Jr High back in the day and his name was Chucky Hancock. Coincidentally, he was caught in the boys locker room living out his last name.