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    By: Tim Weaver | May 17, 2017 12:25 pm Earlier this week Peter Schrager made waves on Good Morning Football by declaring the Atlanta Falcons have the best young front seven in the league. Schrager has been something of an evangelist for this Falcons team. Last season when they were being largely ignored by national media voices, he consistently promoted them as a legitimate contender in the NFC and talked up their game on both sides of the ball. He isn’t alone, either. Some are even saying Atlanta’s front seven is the best in the NFL period. We’re not quite ready to go that far just yet, but here are four reasons why you should be legitimately excited by this group. 1. They’re better than you think Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports Last year’s defensive numbers might lead one to believe this is an average front seven at best. Atlanta ranked No. 16 in the league in sacks and had some trouble stopping the run too, allowing 4.5 yards per carry (ranking No. 26), and 15 touchdowns. A closer look suggests that the Falcons’ pass rushing could have been significantly more productive if they’d been playing with a full deck. Injuries to Derrick Shelby and Adrian Clayborn severely limited Atlanta’s rushing options, especially near the end of the season. If those two stay healthy in 2017 and Takkarist Mckinley performs the way we expect him to, the Falcons’ pass rush is in for a serious boost. Also, the addition of Dontari Poe should help the Falcons slow down those between-the-tackle runs that proved so problematic last season. Don’t be surprised if Atlanta ranks in the top ten in both sacks and run defense in 2017. 2. They’re younger and faster Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports Two major pieces the front seven lost this offseason were veterans Jonathan Babineaux and Dwight Freeney. Together, those two accounted for 27 years and 394 games of NFL experience. However, they also are a combined 72 years old. While they may be missed for a while, over the long run this was the best thing for the team, which had the oldest roster in the league last year. By essentially replacing those two with McKinley and Poe, the Falcons front seven not only got faster, they got much younger as well. 3. LB depth is underrated Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports While the Falcons front seven did show a lot of promise last season, one area of concern was depth at a couple of linebacker spots. If Deion Jones had been injured at any point in 2016, the team would have been in a dire situation trying to replace what he brought to the table. The same could have been said for De’Vondre Campbell. Now, the addition of Duke Riley gives Atlanta a quality weakside defender as well as an ideal backup for Jones in case he goes down. The Falcons also recently added undrafted free agent Jermaine Grace, so they are significantly deeper at linebacker than in 2016. 4. A special kind of leader John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports Lastly, the most important reason we think this group is going to excel in the future is its leader. Playing Mike as a rookie in the NFL is a daunting task. Playing it as well as Jones did in 2016 is something remarkable, and he had a strong case to make for winning the Defensive Rookie of the Year award. His speed and instincts have the potential to make him an all-time great linebacker, and he’s been bulking up this offseason, which should address some of his (few) issues on the field. Jones may wind up being Atlanta’s answer to Luke Kuechly in Carolina: a generational kind of linebacker that they can build an entire defense around. http://thefalconswire.usatoday.com/2017/05/17/falcons-front-seven-hype-train-4-reasons-to-jump-on-board/
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    I wanted to share this with fellow Falcons fans because only you all would understand this situation and my frustration with myself. My fiancé and I are getting married on November 11th. We were unsure about a honeymoon due to cost but very recently found a good deal at a resort in Jamaica. The deal was set to expire yesterday and I rushed to get it booked due to the deadline. I got everything booked (reservations, flights, etc) for December because the cost during that time was a bit less than November for some reason. The dates were December 3rd through December 7th. Well, last night I thought to myself "Gee, I didn't even think to look at what Falcons games are scheduled during that time." Naturally, I happened to schedule the honeymoon for literally the only span of days that would cause me to miss two games of the season - Sunday December 3 vs Vikings and Thursday December 7 vs New Orleans. Being the die hard I am, I was pretty pissed at myself. Only I would do something like that. I literally lost sleep about it last night - I know, kinda pathetic. I called today and luckily was able to change everything to the following week without any additional cost or penalties because the airline tickets had yet to be issued. Whew, crisis averted. Now I only have to wonder what I had going on that week that I will now have to worry about rescheduling Thanks for reading.
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    Goodbye Reginald Davis III. A sad day for the confederacy.
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    Auntie strikes again. sTuPiD CoAch hE neEds tO gO
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    Falcons are in a great place right now as an organization - the best shape in the 51 year of the franchise. I am 51 years old myself and been following Falcons since the age of 6yrs old. Never better. I laugh at the Superbowl Hangover talk - I agree w/ Schein, the loss is not a hangover - it is gonna make this group salty and more focused. look we may not win the SB this year - the odds are always against it - but if we don't, it won't have anything to do with the SB loss last year - barring major injuries to the wrong players at the wrong time, Falcons are a playoff team and hopefully a high seed. Feel good about the season - if you don't, go be a Patriots fan - no other team than the Pats should feel as good about their team as our Falcons.
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    Devonta "Disrespectful" Freeman Can't wait to watch him disrespect some more division rivals.
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    A popular narrative is "the old trade value charts are not relevant anymore" - or "they don't matter", etc. I thought it would be interesting to examine the two Falcons draft trades and see how they compared to the draft chart. Here are the results: Falcons/Seattle Trade: The Atlanta Falcons traded up 5 spots in the first round to select Takkarist McKinley. Here is how it breaks down: Seattle Trades: #1-26 = 700 points Atlanta Trades: #1-31(600 points) + #3-95(120 points) + #7-249(1 point) = 721 points The difference in value is 21 points which is equivalent of the #175 pick in draft (very late 5th rounder) g-dawg:As you can see, Falcons paid somewhat of a small premium to get their guy in Takk in the first round. I hate losing any value of draft ammo in a trade but overpaying by basically an early 6th rounder is a small price to pay to get your guy. Falcons/Buffalo Trade: The Atlanta Falcons traded down 12 spots and out of the back of the 2nd round into the early middle part of round #3. Here is analysis: Atlanta Trades: #2-63(276 points) Buffalo Trades: #3-75(215 points) + #5-149(31.4 points) + #5-156(28.6 points) = 275 points g-dawg: As you can see here, Falcons got basically EXACT value for the 2nd round pick which indicates an equal level of "we can stay here or go" and Buffalo, if you want it, you gotta give us equal value. I love this trade because looking at who went from #63-74, I don't see a player that I believe the Falcons would have taken over Duke Riley. So basically, if that were true, that would mean we got Damonte Kazee and Brian Hill for free - sweet lil' move even if all we got back was equal value per draft trade chart. g-dawg conclusion: The old NFL Draft Value chart is still very much reviewed and is at least a starting point for trade negotiations.
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    Some oldies but goodies in honor of the Iceman's Birthday. Lol
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    Repost thread? All of his animals have funny names. Is he supposed to name his dog Fido or Bartholomew so you know his intentions? non-issue.
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    Wow, Lmao. Brohm would've taken us to the Promised Land!! Yeah, I remember posters calling Ryan a 'Goober' and 'Dork'. Here's to another 10 years with Goober.
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    keep scoring TDs at the clip you do and I'll call you whatever the **** you want.
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    It doesn't matter. We're now considered a team that is loaded with talent. I challenge you to find a 2016 NFL preseason yearbook that describes us in that way. We got criticized for Sanu and Mack's contracts. None of the media imagined that Gabriel would be a stud. Not one member of the media, including Vaughn or Ledbetter, recognized the firepower on our team that we had until it was already apparent. Shoot, if I recall right, Quinn was considered the 28th or 29th best coach at the beginning of 2016, ahead of only new coaches. They also didn't predict playoffs for us, FWIW, let alone a Super Bowl appearance. They are masters at stating the obvious, but do we need them to point out what we can see for ourselves?
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    This is true. And I don't like pff but every now and then the get sh*t right. Same thing I was saying about Campbell right before the draft. He can cover. He's long and gets in lanes and makes the qb hold the ball. I watch the players actually play. And since I know a little bit about X's and O's 9 times outta 10 I know what happened on a play. I may not know exactly what was called but I know the defense they're in and once the play starts I'll know what the responsibilities are once they start moving. Campbell is a guy I watched. The seam routes were covered better because of the speed at LB we were missing and Campbell was part of that equation.
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    I'm glad you brought up matt ... Shanny is a great oc but I think the biggest thing he and Quinn has did is Morpheus matt Ryan ... They got him out his comfort zone he was stuck in with the previous guys ... They open his eyes to what he can really do . I like how ppl think we are gonna take a big step back ... Our offence has always been top 10... I think shanny just showed matt Ryan that he can do everything Rodgers or Brady can do ... To me that's the biggest thing he did for our team
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    with that name I expect his picture to look like this:
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    My wife said it was her or the Falcons. <--------single dad. Two kids.
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    Jarrett proved last year that you can't block him one on one. He drew double teams on pretty much every snap as our NT, and then when we put him at 3 tech more in the playoffs and super bowl he dominated even some very talented Gs. Dontari Poe is a gigantic athletic human being who's already proven in 2013 & 2014 that he can be a credible pass rushing threat despite having to play 2 gaps, imagine what he's going to be capable of now being allowed to play 1 gap for the first time in his career. There are a couple DT duos that could challenge ours. Obviously Carolina has Lotulelei and Short, but Grady is more athletic than Short, who I consider a bit of a one year wonder, and Poe is way more athletic relative to size than Lotulelei, plus he's been dominant as a 2 gap defender over the last 5 years so he's a lot stronger than Lotulelei as well. Another contender is the Rams with Donald and Brockers, but I don't know if the gap between Jarrett and Donald is as big as the gap between Poe and Brockers. Another legit contender is Tampa Bay with McCoy and Baker, but I'm not convinced Chris Baker is actually all that good - he could have just been the best player on a terrible DL in Washington. What do you guys think? I'm probably more excited about Jarrett moving to 3 tech and getting a bigger, stronger, better run defending NT in Poe, than just about everything else the Falcons have done this offseason. It's gonna be very interesting seeing two interior guys with great motors and who could demand double teams keeping our fast, rangy LBs clean from blockers and just kinda allowing them to flow to the ball. I'm very excited about our defense this year.
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    You were drafted into a mess of a franchise and helped transform it into a championship contender. To the greatest QB the Falcons have ever drafted, enjoy the day and get us a ring in February!
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    Pretty good for a 4th rounder. Blake Martinez was also drafted in the 4th round
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    2016 Capter 1, The Brotherhood- NFC Champions 2017 Chapter 2, The Brotherhood Fusion - Lombardi Winner 2018 Chapter 3, The Brotherhood Defenders - Lombardi # 2 2019Chapter 4, The Brotherhood Legacy - Lombardi # 3 and the NFC South, phucky NFL is all about Atlanta..,damittt, why dafuq not? Yep, been drinking, so???!!
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    Quinn doesn't seem like the kind of coach to let a previous year's success dictate what's going to happen this year. He wanted players like Debo to gain weight, while telling other player like Poe to lose it. Freeman, Sanu, Coleman, Vic, everybody has been working hard to get better with training, getting more muscle mass, etc. Plus vets like Matt know that just because you where great one season, doesn't mean things will go right this season ( 2012 - 2013/2015). Personally I think SB hangover won't be a concern. Injuries are what I'm worried about. And screw the media.
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    Ted Thompson at 3.... HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA... sorry.. I'd say 99% of GB fans here in Wisconsin wanted him fired after the last season.. Jerry? When was their last playoff win? I don't understand what the criteria is
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    3175 yards and 27 touchdowns in his last 31 regular season games, and people think Devonta can be replaced with any run-of-the-mill back. smh
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    Mike Turner was my favorite Falcons back. Freeman may be my favorite of all time. Serious.
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    As I stated in another thread, it is amazing what has happened here.
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    FALCONS GM DOESN’T EXPECT A LOT OF ‘GROWING PAINS’ UNDER STEVE SARKISIAN-LED OFFENSE Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff said he doesn't expect any growing pains with new offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian taking over Since taking over as Atlanta’s offensive coordinator in February, Steve Sarkisian has received nothing but glowing reviews from his players, head coach Dan Quinn and general manager Thomas Dimitroff. Sarkisian inherits one of the NFL’s most prolific offenses that returns nine of 11 starters. The Falcons’ offense finished the 2016 season scoring 540 points, which tied the 2000 St. Louis Rams for the seventh-most points scored in a single season. Atlanta’s final regular-season point total was 71 points more than any other team accumulated last season and 176 points above the league average. And while taking the reins of an offense loaded with so much talent might seem like a luxury, gelling with each player is something that takes a significant amount of time and dedication, and Sarkisian is succeeding in every aspect of that. “We knew that we were going bring a guy in that has a lot of experience, can communicate well, he’s hit it off very, very well with Matt [Ryan] from a communication standpoint,” Dimitroff said of Sarkisian as a guest on Adam Schein’s radio show. “Sark came in knowing he wasn’t going to change much on this offense – he may change some terminology here and there, some general ideas. That was important for us.” Quinn has certain expectations in regards to how he wants his offense to play in terms of the run/pass balance. Atlanta threw on 57.7 percent of their plays and ran the ball on 42.3 percent of plays -- the 11th highest run percentage in the NFL in 2016. Pro Bowl running back Devonta Freeman has been getting to know his new offensive coordinator over the past month and commended his “flexible” coaching style. "The thing I like about him is he's very flexible with every guy on the team -- the whole coaching staff is,” Freeman said of Sarkisian. “I definitely think he's going to put us in the best situation to have success.” In addition to Sarkisian’s strong communication skills, his familiarity with the wide-zone scheme and creativity as a player caller makes Dimitroff believe growing pains are not to be expected. “To have a guy who’s creative, who’s going to throw the ball deep to Julio when we need him too and get creative with our running attack and such, I’m really impressed with what I’ve seen so far,” Dimitroff said. “Already talking to Matt and Sark, watching how they interact on the field its really impressive. Yes, of course there will be growing, [but] I don’t think there is going to be growing pains.” http://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/blog/article-1/Falcons-GM-doesn’t-expect-a-lot-of-‘growing-pains’-under-Steve-Sarkisian-led-offense/b80d2f2f-79b1-4af8-925a-5238611c6ab4
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    Platelets went back up to 92, and the anesthetist on duty said we can get the epidural!
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    Are you kidding me man? As if that dumb azz thread that went 5 pages isn't enough! Now we have this chit. How hard are we trying to make Takk seem like a thug? Let's just leave it knowing that Takk is familiar with thug life because he grew up around it and overcame it by making better decisions. Until he proves otherwise, can we please lay off the man! Thanks... A fkg poll... wtf???
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    This is why he leads the league in having inside linebackers mutter "oh sh!t under their breath..."
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