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    FALCONS GM DOESN’T EXPECT A LOT OF ‘GROWING PAINS’ UNDER STEVE SARKISIAN-LED OFFENSE Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff said he doesn't expect any growing pains with new offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian taking over Since taking over as Atlanta’s offensive coordinator in February, Steve Sarkisian has received nothing but glowing reviews from his players, head coach Dan Quinn and general manager Thomas Dimitroff. Sarkisian inherits one of the NFL’s most prolific offenses that returns nine of 11 starters. The Falcons’ offense finished the 2016 season scoring 540 points, which tied the 2000 St. Louis Rams for the seventh-most points scored in a single season. Atlanta’s final regular-season point total was 71 points more than any other team accumulated last season and 176 points above the league average. And while taking the reins of an offense loaded with so much talent might seem like a luxury, gelling with each player is something that takes a significant amount of time and dedication, and Sarkisian is succeeding in every aspect of that. “We knew that we were going bring a guy in that has a lot of experience, can communicate well, he’s hit it off very, very well with Matt [Ryan] from a communication standpoint,” Dimitroff said of Sarkisian as a guest on Adam Schein’s radio show. “Sark came in knowing he wasn’t going to change much on this offense – he may change some terminology here and there, some general ideas. That was important for us.” Quinn has certain expectations in regards to how he wants his offense to play in terms of the run/pass balance. Atlanta threw on 57.7 percent of their plays and ran the ball on 42.3 percent of plays -- the 11th highest run percentage in the NFL in 2016. Pro Bowl running back Devonta Freeman has been getting to know his new offensive coordinator over the past month and commended his “flexible” coaching style. "The thing I like about him is he's very flexible with every guy on the team -- the whole coaching staff is,” Freeman said of Sarkisian. “I definitely think he's going to put us in the best situation to have success.” In addition to Sarkisian’s strong communication skills, his familiarity with the wide-zone scheme and creativity as a player caller makes Dimitroff believe growing pains are not to be expected. “To have a guy who’s creative, who’s going to throw the ball deep to Julio when we need him too and get creative with our running attack and such, I’m really impressed with what I’ve seen so far,” Dimitroff said. “Already talking to Matt and Sark, watching how they interact on the field its really impressive. Yes, of course there will be growing, [but] I don’t think there is going to be growing pains.” http://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/blog/article-1/Falcons-GM-doesn’t-expect-a-lot-of-‘growing-pains’-under-Steve-Sarkisian-led-offense/b80d2f2f-79b1-4af8-925a-5238611c6ab4
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    Platelets went back up to 92, and the anesthetist on duty said we can get the epidural!
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    Republican senators after CBO score.
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    I would not give up shede for a teaching year.. Idk but I haven't given up on shede like others
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    In more sobering news. We have 1000 pages on a message board.
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    If @silentbob1272 shows up and deletes this thread before it hits 1000, it would be like the greatest "professional wrestler returning from a long hiatus" entrance of all time.
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    if he comes back who is going. Our d line is stacked
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    White people once again taking black people accomplishments!! I demand reparations!!!
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    http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/05/23/report-owners-vote-to-abolish-75-man-roster-cuts/ There are about to be more bodies available for those all-important fourth preseason games. According to Albert Breer of TheMMQB.com, owners have just voted to abolish the roster cuts to 75. Those cuts, a step between the 90-man offseason roster and the 53-man regular season roster, came between the third and fourth exhibition games. And since most teams won’t use starters in the final tune-up, that left a handful of players to play the majority of the most meaningless of the meaningless games. That gives the guys on the fringe one more game of tape to show prospective employers. It will also make the week before the start of the regular season rather more chaotic. Now, 1,184 players will enter the workforce at the same moment, creating a land rush for waiver claims and practice squad signings in the days leading up to the opener.
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    That's going to require conservatives to insist that the Trump Administration reduce its own power, and liberals to stop their love-fest with the intelligence agencies on the sole ground that they are at war with Trump right now. Color me skeptical.
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    if you look at it objectively, the national championship game showed he's capable of calling a good game on short notice. he almost won with a true freshman QB and his stud RB broke his leg in the 3rd quarter and didn't return. he put Alabama in a position to win late in the game. I'm just curious to see what he could do with actual time to prepare with an obscene level of skill players and one of the best QBs in the league
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    I am glad someone acknowledged that I am not happy and hated it then and continue to hate it. Obama trampled the 4th and I am pretty sure trump is about to up the anti
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    Or you are a complete A-hole for politicizing this death against all credible evidence to the contrary as well as the wishes of the young man's family. Move along to another obscene brain dead conspiracy theory and let this family have their peace.
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    The Sucs and Panthers have been trying to pretend to be big rivals of ours for a while. The Panthers have gotten closer thanks to Cam, but it's always been and always will be the Ain'ts. The Bucs aren't even a thing.
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    And @mdrake34 missed it. I bet he's gonna use the old "My wife was delivering my child into the world" excuse.
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    And dumb *** @JDaveG is probably off doing something productive. What a fool.
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    You realize that this somewhat undermines confidence in the intelligence community, right? If Comey got hoaxed by bad intel then he's going to have to explain how we can trust the intelligence gathering process in other aspects.
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    Saudi Arabia is such a horrific society. It pains me that we are so cozy with them.
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    I have a feeling freeney wont be back, dq saw brain cox was not getting the job done and brought in a new coach, plus at heart dq is a d line coach. last yr it made sense for freeney to come in, this yr not so much with the additions of crawford, and takk. reed can play three spots, he can be an edge setter against the run and pass rush, he can play LB, and be on special teams, I see him going no where
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    "Things the media won't tell you." 'Actually the media told us.' "They didn't tell you for long enough!" Herp derp tiddly derp.
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    Excelled among third year tackles...by 2 tenths of a percent!! I will give up the two tenths to know we don't have a complete asshat on the team
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    Da fuq????? Do y'all not realize by ME not being Mr. 1000, you have interfered with the space time continuum! We ****** now!
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    I would like to thank sweet baby Jesus for this victory.
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    snak talks like the propaganda videos in starship troopers.
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    Yeah bring him back. We can cut Massaqoui, Maponga, Goodman, or Cliff Matthews. Oh my bad we don't have replaceable scrubs on the dline anymore under Quinn.
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    Can we all take a step back, take a breath, and agree on the following? **** ISIS. I even wrote a poem about it: **** ISIS. **** it up, and **** it down. **** it sideways and all around. **** ISIS now, and tomorrow too. **** ISIS black,and **** ISIS blue. **** its dumb retrogressive beliefs. **** its soldiers and **** its chiefs. **** its sinister online presence. **** it right down to its dumb ******* essence. **** its hatred, **** its war. **** ISIS now, then **** it some more.
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    We need him really. Takk is out at least 4 games.
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    Since team celebrations are back.... RIP Keion, as well.
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    The fact that I read this as tit-bits makes me miss Emmitt.
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    This was in no way a reasonable thread. It was a stupid thread.
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    Are you kidding me man? As if that dumb azz thread that went 5 pages isn't enough! Now we have this chit. How hard are we trying to make Takk seem like a thug? Let's just leave it knowing that Takk is familiar with thug life because he grew up around it and overcame it by making better decisions. Until he proves otherwise, can we please lay off the man! Thanks... A fkg poll... wtf???
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    Woah, man...that's REALLY uncalled for.
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    You're a strange one....you get super defensive so very easily.