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    I just put pix of 8 superstars on our team and left off a few more and another almost dozen who are very good. Falcons roster is LOADED!!! w/ hopefully more to come in draft #noexcuses
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    Atlanta Falcons Grade: B Key moves: re-signed TE Levine Toilolo; signed DT Dontari Poe and DE Jack Crawford; re-signed TE Levine Toilolo; lost FB Patrick DiMarco This might shock even an optimistic Falcons fan, but one evaluator said he thought Atlanta now possessed the NFL's best roster, thanks in part to a strong 2016 draft class. The Falcons mostly treaded water in free agency. Their offense should be fine without DiMarco. Their defense should be better with Poe. not pictured: Desmond Trufant, Mohammad Sanu, Taylor Gabriel, Alex Mack, Tevin Coleman, Jake Matthews, DeVondre Campbell, Robert Alford
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    These are the two guys I wanted. Davis and Maye. . And it makes sense the way we take former teammates. Neal/Poole Collins/Jones Hageman/Campbell Beasley/Jarrett Plus our defense is fast because we're getting most of it from the SEC and ACC, which certain teams in the ACC are honorary SEC teams like Clemson and FSU. If we get these two I'm happy whatever we do for the rest of the draft.
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    Fat idiots that hot women want to spend the rest of their lives with.
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    Jeb literally couldn't even get his own mother enthused about his candidacy. Please go away, Bush and Clinton families.
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    Absolutely. You'll be missing talent and you'll increase your bust intake. It's about traits. Some guys became studs after college and most college studs are busts. That's why when going defense I like SEC and ACC talent. Doesn't matter what numbers they had in college.
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    would not be shocked if we took Jarrad Davis in 1st and Marcus Maye in 2nd round....would not shock me at all. While I prefer a passrusher, I think we at TATF have been sleeping on Jarrad Davis. We already know that DQ likes Florida Gator players and we know he loves linebackers. I know what I am saying here won't be a popular take and it probably won't happen, but open your mind to Jarrad Davis - I am sure he is high on Falcons board and they like him - maybe don't take him because of position.
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    Thornton or Wes - best man wins. But imho Thornton is perfectly capable of filling that role if Wes doesn't cut it. IMHO he was signed as insurance in case Wes didn't come on
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    I think its going to be either Wes, Garland or Thornton. I'm beginning to think that it wont be a draft pick.
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    I haven't sustained any injuries to my dong yet. She puts her hands down on either side, puts her legs together, pushes herself up, then pivots around. Like this: Except instead of that mannish lady, she looks more like this: The first time it happened, I was like, "Woah, what's goin' on... ooh ****..."
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    Taurean is gonna be really fun. He made an amazing pass to THJ and hit that three, I think if he keeps working on his handles he could be a two way monster.
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    GateWayPundit, ConservativeTreeHouse, and Zerohedge. Now those are some quality, credible sources I tell you what.
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    Yep. They are also the most sensitive, thin-skinned little snowflakes in this country. It's called projection.
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    @Knight of God and @Vandy, our boy Maye just went up a notch
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    The Poe/Crawford signings are good. I think we have drafted well. Hopefully, Chester retiring is a simple plug and play and we fill in gaps on defense.
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    He's TE who is bigger and faster than most WR's in this league. I imagine whoever drafts him will move him all over. He can can play inline, split out wide and lined up as a FB. Teams won't be able to leave him one on one with a LB, he's just too fast. At the senior bowl his inline blocking actually looked far better than I expected it to.
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    Lol I would fall under the female category...not something else.
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    Not worth it brother, he is that dude on the corner with the sign yelling fire and brimstone and calling people fools who don't buy into his rhetoric. Or maybe...or maybe he is RIGHT?! YER A SLAVE TO THE MAN...MAAAAAAAAAAAAN! *takes a hit*
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    You leftist sjw snowflake cuck
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    Engram would be a sick weapon. Remember how we both agreed that we wouldn't cry if we went TE because it's BPA. They could draft Engram at #31 and I wouldn't cry at all. How the heck do you cover Julio, Sanu, Hooper and Engram? And, yeah you could definitely put Engram in the slot or out wide. How about a 5 wr set, empty backfield with Julio, Sanu, Hooper, Engram and Gabriel? The first four are such a mismatch just from a size perspective, then you have the fast midget Gabriel streaking...That is explosive!!!
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    The charisma just oozed off that guy, right? Surprised he hasn't been inundated with offers to host awards shows.
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    would be nice.....no guarantees - lots of factors go into every year - injuries, some luck, other teams getting better, crucial penalty here, tactical mistake by a coach there, etc, etc. Heck just our own division - there are no pushovers. Tampa is coming on and has multiple weapons on offense now with an improving QB, Carolina is not as good as they were the SB year but not as bad as they were last year and Saints have Drew Brees and a bunch of draft picks and likely will get Malcolm Butler - anything can happen and often does in the wild NFC South. you just never know.
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    You mean this one?? I actually think this one might work...
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