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    Saw a bunch of Cowboys fans talking about how disappointed some of their draft coverage was when we traded up so I went looking and they have a stream up from their war room with commentary over it. If you go to Minute 200 or 3:20 that is the lead up for us trading with SEA. The commentators seem pretty upset and around 201 the dude on the right leans over and whispers something to Jerry and you can watch him say "****" and clinch his fist. Lots of mean mugs and pencil bouncing after we make that pick. Seems pretty obvious to me our intel was good about where we needed to go to get our guy. http://www.dallascowboys.com/video/2017/04/28/2017-draft-day-live-round-1
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    Translation: Quinn didn't pick the players I wanted so as armchair GM of the TATF I deem him a terrible evaluator.
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    I wasnt there for a tour or anything but I wanted to see the new bird statue. Pictures dont do it justice. Looks like something out of Transformers.
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    An F bomb on national television, live television at that. I may have the vapors just thinking of it.
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    23 years ago - my husband and I drove from Fort Lauderdale where we lived at the time to Sacramento to visit our daughter and grandchildren. They were living in our house there at the time. I don't want to go into a lot of details here - but suffice it to say that my daughter had a drug problem and that there were a lot of people going in and out of that house - sleeping on the floors and in the bedrooms and our very small grandchildren were neglected at best - and in danger at worst. We tried to talk to our daughter and see if we could get her some help. She was, at the time, too far gone in the lifestyle. We cleaned the place up, cleaned the kids up and left with broken hearts. We drove all the way back to Ft Lauderdale - and I was miserable the whole trip. We pulled up to our home there - and I turned to him and said - We have to go back and get those kids. God, if something happens to one of them in that house - I couldn't live with myself. So, we called our jobs - and took another week off - rented a big van - and drove all the way back to Sacramento. We told our daughter we were taking the kids or calling Social Services to come get them - and that we would kick her out of the house (she didn't pay or have a lease or anything) - but that if she would come with us we would help her get into a program and take care of her until she got on her feet. She agreed, but when we went to pick them up - she had taken off with some guy and the kids were there alone. We packed up what they could carry in the van, piled them in and drove back to Ft Lauderdale with them, understanding that taking them across state lines could have put us both in prison - we went anyway because our love for those kids meant more than the risk of jail time. So - she did end up coming down about 6 months later - we bought her a ticket. She spent a lot of years recovering and wasn't much help with the kids during that time. We raised 8 grandchildren - who came to us ranging in age from 18 months to almost 8 years old. We got them through the baby years and we went to every school function, bought their clothes and supplies, fed and housed them, did school projects with them - homework - the whole 9 yards. We made sure they had Christmas and Birthdays and holidays they could remember. We never once spoke poorly of their mother to them - and in fact tried to nurture that relationship. I'm happy to say my daughter did find her way through those dark times and has a great job and is doing wonderfully now. Bottom line, we have a relationship with those grandchildren unlike most could understand. There is a closeness and a bond - even though they are all grown and most with families of their own today. I can tell you right now that I completely get this kid. I can not even begin to tell you some of the most amazing things my grandchildren have said or done out of gratitude and love or how much they are devoted to us. I absolutely understand the passion and the depth of intensity this young man felt for his grandmother - the only person there for him - the person who saved him from God knows what kind of life he could have endured. To lose her immediately after making a promise to her and then - to fulfill that promise! People - if you can't understand that depth of emotion or the inability to hold inside those intense feelings, then just try to show some compassion for a young man who still has some rawness to him but who is a character guy who's worked hard and relentlessly to fulfill that promise. Takk, you have a fan already - because if nothing else - I love your heart!
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    You know, one of my buddies is a serious LSU fan. Before the draft he was trying to get me to see Riley, but I just wasn't THAT interested. Sadly I barely looked at him at first. But dude kept saying, "Riley is better than Jones in his football play. He is also more rowdy." He wanted his Cowboys to get him. After the draft, he said the Falcons are spamming. Having Riley and Jones is like having Julio and OBJ. Its wrong. He said Debo is about to play on a different level and Riley is going to be competing with him hard.
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    It's that brash in your face kindof attitude. He has that late 1980's early 1990's University of Miami attitude. The kind that will make a play and tell you about it. Fatboi,Ya boi J,KOG and college football fans know the kind of attitude I'm talking about. This is a guy you want on your team. This is the kind of player we need people. The kind of player that will hold his teammates accountable for not hustling and beating the man across from them. I'm hyped for this pick
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    I don't have ESPN Insider, if anyone else wants to post the rest of this article, but the Falcons portion was visible in the "teaser" part of the article that is always displayed. http://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2017/insider/story/_/id/19301181/nfl-executives-unfiltered-every-team-2017-draft-class Atlanta Falcons The Falcons traded the 31st, 95th and 249th picks to move up to the 26th overall choice, which they used to select pass-rusher Takkarist McKinley. They acquired that 26th choice from Seattle, which was fitting for an Atlanta team that is trying to build its defense in the Seahawks' defensive image. "I really love Takk and might like him more than I liked Vic Beasley Jr. when he was coming out," an evaluator said. "He is a lot like Cliff Avril and so, for [Dan] Quinn, they will probably use Takk in very much the same way." The negative on McKinley is also a positive. Fans got a glimpse of that when McKinley lost control of his emotions upon his selection and shouted obscenities in celebration to millions watching on television. "He very much lives off his emotions, and if he can learn to channel that, he will be even more dynamic and explosive and amazing," the evaluator said. "He is a volcano personality who has been kicked out of practice, but it's because he is passionate and competitive. I'd rather have that than the guy kicked out because he is lazy. He has that chip on his shoulder. Quinn is all about the grit, and Takk has that."
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    No offense but you tell people to stop reliving or rehashing and yet you create a thread doing exactly that...
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    77 is developing .. he had one hellava post season & flashed an awful lot during the regular season. Didnt think he was this good though. I'm impressed!
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    My wife does yoga. It pays off in the bedroom.
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    When I was in nutcase Marine Corps boot camp, watching the drill instructors show us how it was done was the manliest sh1t I had ever seen in my life. Seeing those guys huff and puff and tough it out without one sign of weakness blew my face off. Talked it and walked it. Too many don't lead by example. I can only respect someone who leads by example. I love Quinn.
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    Because we don't need another over-the-hill RB when we have the best young RB tandem in the NFL in Free/ Teco
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    Yet everyone wanted 32 1/4" arms Forrest Lamp in the 1st round
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    The falcons blew the super bowl in regulation. With that type of meltdown they didn't deserve another chance in overtime. The rule is the rule until it is changed again. Atlanta has no one to blame but Atlanta. Not the refs, not the nfl, not the rule
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    our Offensive line PRACTICES against Poe, Jarrett, Hageman, Beasley, Upshaw and Shelby everyday. our DBs face Matt Ryan and our weapons everyday. Debo and Campbell go against Free, Teco and the TE group, IRON sharpening IRON
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    By: Tim Weaver | May 17, 2017 12:25 pm Earlier this week Peter Schrager made waves on Good Morning Football by declaring the Atlanta Falcons have the best young front seven in the league. Schrager has been something of an evangelist for this Falcons team. Last season when they were being largely ignored by national media voices, he consistently promoted them as a legitimate contender in the NFC and talked up their game on both sides of the ball. He isn’t alone, either. Some are even saying Atlanta’s front seven is the best in the NFL period. We’re not quite ready to go that far just yet, but here are four reasons why you should be legitimately excited by this group. 1. They’re better than you think Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports Last year’s defensive numbers might lead one to believe this is an average front seven at best. Atlanta ranked No. 16 in the league in sacks and had some trouble stopping the run too, allowing 4.5 yards per carry (ranking No. 26), and 15 touchdowns. A closer look suggests that the Falcons’ pass rushing could have been significantly more productive if they’d been playing with a full deck. Injuries to Derrick Shelby and Adrian Clayborn severely limited Atlanta’s rushing options, especially near the end of the season. If those two stay healthy in 2017 and Takkarist Mckinley performs the way we expect him to, the Falcons’ pass rush is in for a serious boost. Also, the addition of Dontari Poe should help the Falcons slow down those between-the-tackle runs that proved so problematic last season. Don’t be surprised if Atlanta ranks in the top ten in both sacks and run defense in 2017. 2. They’re younger and faster Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports Two major pieces the front seven lost this offseason were veterans Jonathan Babineaux and Dwight Freeney. Together, those two accounted for 27 years and 394 games of NFL experience. However, they also are a combined 72 years old. While they may be missed for a while, over the long run this was the best thing for the team, which had the oldest roster in the league last year. By essentially replacing those two with McKinley and Poe, the Falcons front seven not only got faster, they got much younger as well. 3. LB depth is underrated Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports While the Falcons front seven did show a lot of promise last season, one area of concern was depth at a couple of linebacker spots. If Deion Jones had been injured at any point in 2016, the team would have been in a dire situation trying to replace what he brought to the table. The same could have been said for De’Vondre Campbell. Now, the addition of Duke Riley gives Atlanta a quality weakside defender as well as an ideal backup for Jones in case he goes down. The Falcons also recently added undrafted free agent Jermaine Grace, so they are significantly deeper at linebacker than in 2016. 4. A special kind of leader John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports Lastly, the most important reason we think this group is going to excel in the future is its leader. Playing Mike as a rookie in the NFL is a daunting task. Playing it as well as Jones did in 2016 is something remarkable, and he had a strong case to make for winning the Defensive Rookie of the Year award. His speed and instincts have the potential to make him an all-time great linebacker, and he’s been bulking up this offseason, which should address some of his (few) issues on the field. Jones may wind up being Atlanta’s answer to Luke Kuechly in Carolina: a generational kind of linebacker that they can build an entire defense around. http://thefalconswire.usatoday.com/2017/05/17/falcons-front-seven-hype-train-4-reasons-to-jump-on-board/
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    Wyoming fans think he was the best player in their history and many think a top 3 back in this draft. I like his burst (as LT calls it) and balance, very strong, and he seems to always squeeze through the smallest of holes, smaller than many I've seen Freeman get caught up in. Just watch him come out of the other side of holes you thought he would be tackled in. I think he will thrive behind our line. I think he was the best value pick that we made.
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    for all those who were positive we were going OL in the first, and if not the first, then clearly our 2nd pick. Some of us tried to tell y'all that we wouldn't take one til Day 3. You were warned.
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    None Riley was the pick all along. We just got extra picks and got him anyway. Quinn and TD already said so.
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    Damontae Kazee featured at free safety:After primarily playing cornerback at San Diego State, Damontae Kazee spent his first day in a Falcons uniform at free safety.Dan Quinn challenged the defensive back to take his communication to another level as the middle of the field safety, and he impressed his head coach by doing so."That part of that job, he came through," Quinn said of Kazee's communication at practice. "I was really looking for that. I knew the speed would be there, the breaks on the ball. Playing free safety, could he help direct everything? He did a good job of that to start it off."
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    Nope. Love Dee Ford but nope. I blows my mind how easily the geniuses on this message board think Freeman can be replaced. Maybe one day he'll be truly appreciated for just how good he is and the value he has in all faucets of the game. People have this silly idea that "running backs are a dime a dozen." Short-term memory loss or just too **** young to remember the **** the Falcons dealt with in 1999 when Jamal went down and the other guys we had on the team were complete bums. You cannot just stick any warm body behind an OL and expect All-Pro performance. It just doesn't work that way. It never has and never will.
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    Defensive line is sick. Stop the run. Rush the passer. Linebackers are fast. Jones. Riley. Campbell. Neal from the strong safety spot. If the 5 star defensive line keeps the guys clean, they will run, make hits and make tackles. And Quarterbacks won't have much time to throw, and if we can generate pass rush with 4 guys, we can cover the rest of the field with our speed. Trufant. Collins. Alford. Allen. It's not going to be easy to pass on this team with a strong, strong pass rush coming from inside and out...plus a great secondary...one of the best in the League. We will be a top 10 defense. Ball Hawks. Top 5 in turnovers. This offense is still going to be very very hard to stop. Three headed monster, led by Freeman and Coleman. Hill primarily gets carries 4th quarter in blows outs and a couple of short yardage situations each game. Julio is not going to be stopped. Single cover him he'll destroy you. Single cover everybody else, somebody is going to get open. Sanu? Gabriel? Hooper? Freeman or Coleman being covered by a linebacker or safety? Mack is securing the middke of the line. Hopefully he's fully recovered after playing through the injury. Levitre and Matthews will hold down their side. Schraeder is a solid right tackle. And three guys will battle it out at right guard. And none will be much worse than Chester was. We are winning the Super Bowl. I don't know if we'll beat New England or Oakland, but Matt Ryan is going to play at that next level. And bring us a Lombardi.
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    Well, it's not just one pick we made this year.. It's all things put together... The Facy last year and this year,,,, added to that the draft last year and the FAs we got in the last two years in a row,, Added to having one of the very best QBs in the league,, Who'd ever thunk it ??? The Falcons are loaded,, and no matter who you think should get the credit for this,, It all goes to Blank who Hired TD...And TD has given the NFL a clinic to the NFL ,, How to run an NFL team and how to get the best Free agents,, and most of all ,, HOW TO Take the Draft by storm for the last 3 or 4 years ,, But the good thing about TD is he is getting better every year.. Nobody in the NFL is as good as He is at what he does... We are blessed to have him.... Give Credit where Credit is due !! TD,, We love you man!!!!! You are the best ...
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    This offseason, many of us were going back and forth about different edge rushers we might draft with our first pick. I said we needed a starting LDE with long arms to keep offensive linemen off them on running plays, who could at least hold up against the run and be able to rush the passer more than anything. Looks like we got exactly that guy. TKOs arms are just a hair shy of 35"! TKO is already very good against the run. TKO only missed 2 tackles his last 2 years in college.......that's freaking remarkable, that's phenomenal. He's going to have some growing up to do often going against NFL caliber right tackles but he's got all the right tools to be an awesome player for us. That said, his ability to play the run so well will allow him to get a lot of playing time this season as he develops his pass rush. Another thing about Takk is he can line up anywhere on the defense. He was used all over the place in college so depending on who we face we will definitely see him moved around some. I imagine him and Beasley will even swap sides at times. if you want to be a stud defense you have to be able to stop the run on first and second downs. A capable LDE playing the strong side or LEO is a big part of this and Takk seems a perfect fit in this defense.
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    I wanted to share this with fellow Falcons fans because only you all would understand this situation and my frustration with myself. My fiancé and I are getting married on November 11th. We were unsure about a honeymoon due to cost but very recently found a good deal at a resort in Jamaica. The deal was set to expire yesterday and I rushed to get it booked due to the deadline. I got everything booked (reservations, flights, etc) for December because the cost during that time was a bit less than November for some reason. The dates were December 3rd through December 7th. Well, last night I thought to myself "Gee, I didn't even think to look at what Falcons games are scheduled during that time." Naturally, I happened to schedule the honeymoon for literally the only span of days that would cause me to miss two games of the season - Sunday December 3 vs Vikings and Thursday December 7 vs New Orleans. Being the die hard I am, I was pretty pissed at myself. Only I would do something like that. I literally lost sleep about it last night - I know, kinda pathetic. I called today and luckily was able to change everything to the following week without any additional cost or penalties because the airline tickets had yet to be issued. Whew, crisis averted. Now I only have to wonder what I had going on that week that I will now have to worry about rescheduling Thanks for reading.
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    Goodbye Reginald Davis III. A sad day for the confederacy.
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    That drafting of Keanu Neal so much higher than he was projected has me worried.
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    As usual it's been awesome talking the draft with all of you fine folks. Shout out to @Kayoh for wonderful metric discussions. Shout out to @Knight of God and @TheFatboi for offering wise football nuggets. Shout out to @RandomFan for intelligent discussions. And, last but not least, shout out to @g-dawg for being his usual rabid draftnik self @Vandy don't worry--this draft was good Falcon Moore--well you know that you are the man around draft time @BIRDLAND 2.0 you are the most draft happy guy that I've seen other than me Shout out to @Draftnut57, even though you rarely get a mock pick right (Just kidding), I admire your persistence and 20 years of loving the Falcons draft. But guess what I still got one pick right (Saubert) lol @gazoo your TE thread is the classic post this year If I left your name off, it doesn't mean that I don't appreciate and love you. My head hurts from too much draft analysis and bad mock-drafting Love and peace to you all; and may God bless! -Salmon out (for at least an hour lol)
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    They're better at this than you are. Think of it like a trust fall.