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    I'm sure he could slide into a support staff position and wait until Coley inevitably gets called up for another OC job or something. That would allow him to get a great working knowledge of how Kirby runs the program and he could crawl before he runs, so to speak. No doubt Hines could be a great asset, but he's completely unproven as a coaching commodity. Still, it would be great to see him back at UGA eventually.
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    Yep, her attitude towards the whole "butt pie" video thing has got the snowball rolling. You think when the Better Call Saul series is coming to an end, we'll see a Walter White entrance in the last scene to bring everything back around full circle? We're already getting post Breaking Bad Cinnabon scenes.
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    That was symbolism for Jimmy not fitting in at his new job. After begrudgingly accepting the job and seemingly start to fit in, he's already uneasy. Could also be foreshadowing for his relationship with Kim.
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    The look on Jimmy's face when he quickly opened and shut the sun roof on the Mercedes was priceless.
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    It's kinda sad to see Jimmy's old yellow car take a trip to the crusher.
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    I think I could spend an hour watching Mike with his bag lunch waiting for Wormhall (sp?) to pick him up.
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    Didn't know where to put this since he is not really a recruit anymore. Mecole getting more props. https://m.facebook.com/BowmanCityGA/photos/a.205786229626530.1073741828.191188754419611/477648485773635/?type=3
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    So you're saying Primetime does in fact make a difference? I know the Saints are bigger rival but I could see the game against Carolina being a huge game. It's such a tough call. I guess it will really depend when the games are actually scheduled as well.
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    Why does the person posting that video assume that the man in the video is Muslim? Why would anyone seek news on a site called 'NewsFoxes', and then complain about the media? I think the answer to both questions is the same.
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    My life improved a great deal when I stopped hanging around people that needed to define "rock" as things that they would or wouldn't listen to. They're worse than the Eagles fans.
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    I will say that I think the music industry not really having the leg up it once had thanks to the possibilities offered for distribution by the internet is a big step in changing that evolutionary cycle. It really has the potential to put the power into the hands of the artists. That leads to artists making records they want to make rather than records they are told to make. It weeds out the bullsh!t, and leads to more people being willing and able to push the creative envelope for themselves & their audience. The problem is most folks are still so wrapped in that antiquated idea of "we gotta get signed to a label to be legitimized" that they pretty much end up volunteering their own freedom to a broken system that exists to exploit them & spit them out instead of creating one on their own terms. Watching people who claim to be creative fail to operate outside the box is pretty frustrating.
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    Thanks, man. And that was essentially my point... on the surface, rock music often looks like it's dead, but it really just changes & operates slightly under the surface. While there are periods where it's seems more hidden, there's always gonna be some kid banging the sh!t out of an instrument in garage somewhere, doing something that's gonna light a spark eventually. Additionally, not everything is gonna resonate with everybody, nor should it. That's a huge part of the beauty in it & what defines it as art in my mind. Heck, even the stuff that outgrows itself... becomes kinda tired or cheesy or whatever... seems to eventually cycle around after enough time & become cool again due to nostalgic reasons. Popular culture & especially rock music is very circular in its evolution in my opinion, but then again maybe that's just a reflection of society in general.
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    Just got back from Bourbon and Bacon. My buddy in Charleston assures me that it is the best event all year in town. I had a blast. Next year I will bring a journal. The event was in a large ballroom with two circular bars in the center, one bar on the end and a stage on the other end with a live band. On the sides were small booths along the walls. The booths had exquisite original bacon dishes. My favorite dish was a pesto ravioli. The stuffing was a braised pork belly with a ravioli made from pulverized bacon covered in Pesto with rendered bacon fat instead of olive oil. Topped of with a bacon infused roma tomato. I get a little light headed just thinking about it. There are lots of other great dishes, but this one took the prize in my book. Now to the Bourbon. We spent the extra for the VIP access, wich mainly gives you an hour before they open the doors to general admission. When going to these kinds of things a host who has been there before invaluable. The first hour was absolutely delightful. There were about a hundred people in room that can hold much more. Once they let the general admission in, the room was crowded like a concert. I think my favorite was the Old Forester 1870. My pallet is not as refined as some, but this one was light and smooth at the start and finished with spice and a little oak. I went back several times for this one. I must have tasted twenty or more. The Four Roses small batch is fantastic.