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    Can't see Manning, Wilson, Rodgers, Roethlisberger, or any of the other great QBs pulling this move. Gotta say though, it was fun to see him squirm. Shy of Brees losing in the same way, I couldn't ask for a better QB for that loss to happen to.
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    He has to grow up. Nothing wrong with having fun, but be a good sport when you lose.
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    I believe Florida is a must win for UGA. Its a needed RPI boost for a team lingering around that top 68.
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    So a president should delay a Supreme Court nomination for over a year because it might change the balance of the Court. When has that ever been part of the nominating process? The president is elected by the public and part of his Constitutional responsibilities involves nominating Supreme Court candidates. Your personal views about the balance of the Court isn't a justification for the president to leave that vacancy on the possible chance that the next president will appoint a conservative. And what if the Democrats win in November and the next president nominates someone who will change the balance of the Court anyway? You've left the vacancy for an entire year for nothing.
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    Care to explain why? What rationale is there for letting a Supreme Court vacancy sit for an entire year other than "I don't like Obama"?
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    I was coaching my 12-year-old's basketball game today. For us, it was a big game. By the second quarter, we really had things rolling. We play an aggressive 1-3-1 zone that can put pressure on the ball all over the court, and we had forced several turnovers that lead to fast-break points. We had another effective trap and the other team dribbled out of bounds. Our kid, who had made a nice play, clapped in the guys face. That happened in front of the scorer's table right next to me. So I saw it, but there was not a technical called. I fought my instincts to call timeout and yank the kid out of the game because I did not think it would have been fair to the team. I completely thought about what Mike Smith did to Asante Samuel and how that turned the game around (possibly the season to a certain extent and maybe even the entire franchise when you consider what has happened since.) I believe very strongly in respecting your opponent, the officials, and the game. And I took the kid aside after the game and made it clear that such behavior cannot happen again. At practice Thursday there will be additional discussion and consequences for the entire team. But I was not going to turn around the emotion and momentum of the game at that moment. Mike Smith taught me that lesson, for better or worse.
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    Scott Sinclair, strength staff making presence felt in Georgia’s offseason workouts
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    Living in the Charlotte region has been glorious this week...My reaction to the Panthers butthurt:
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    And if the incumbent were Republican and Ginsburg had passed that's what the right would be hollering right now? Don't answer, b/c you already know.
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    I applaud Scalia's originalism! Except for the part where his successor is appointed. But then only if the President is from the party I don't like. This is how the country works. Just deal with it.
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    Philippe Petit's wire walk before the world trade centers were open for business
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    wfw is not a conservative. He's more socially liberal than you are. He's just also infinitely more awesome and likable. Chef is few and far between in posts these days. I did forget t-falcon.
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    I guess I'm just old school. I played 12 and under basketball and football in the Atlanta Rec League at Anderson Park for a coach named Charles Rambo (RIP), a notorious as beater who would have slapped this kid up side the head in front of everybody. The kid probably wouldn't have made the same mistake twice. By the way when I played football for Rambo he was in the sixth year of what ending up being something like a thirteen year undefeated streak, Undefeated! As for the Aint game. Give me a fkn break. The game had just started. If that move killed the momentum and caused the loss then the whole team should have been fired on the plane ride home. That didn't kill the game. Try the Aints defense holding us to 50 rush yards or them running over our defense for 150 yards. The other five penalties didn't help either. We just got our as beat by Payton and Brees, which is customary. If I'm not mistaken this happened in a season that ended in a ton of mistakes and cost us a trip to a Super Bowl. From botched snaps, to stupid penalties, to slip picks, to bad reads, to tripping over a freakin hash mark. We played sloppy ball this past season too. If anything Quinn needs to buy a pen and pad and start berating these guys in film reviews like Smitty did. At one point Smitty had the least penalized teams in the league. We were far from that last year and it cost us. Especially the unforced stupid as Levitre type penalties.
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    its one thing to discipline and shame him in front of a crowd... another to do it with just the team involved.
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    Its sweet that you still think about me even after all this time
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    You have to teach kids discipline, respect, sportsmanship. Mike Smith wasn't wrong for getting on to Asante for what he did four years ago. The point that was he shouldn't have done it the way that he did it. Or are you just trolling?
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    I read the first half of the sentence and immediately thought, those two would be perfectly fine in gen pop at a male prison, then saw you made the same point.
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    That chat reminds me why I hate the guy. He's got all the social skill of Richard Nixon.
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    Cant celebrate the way he does, and then act this way when you lose. Grow up
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