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    Otherwise known as the cigar man of Lot A and the Falcons Faithful... If we haven't shared a cigar, you aren't walking around Lot A enough... Played TE in high school... Smacking down blitzing DB's and running crossing patterns... Played basketball in college... No college football... Too many crossing patterns... Love: Capitalism Freedom People who bust their *** to succeed Players who bust their *** to succeed My family My tailgate crew Hate: Saints Communists Quasi Communists who think government owes them **** I paid for Players who play at half speed Over priced PSL's Newbies... If you look at Wikipedia under Falcons Fan there should be a picture of Tandy... I love my team too... But I know of no fan with as much devotion as her... May post few pics later
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    Kylo Ren is the most compelling villain I've ever seen in a Star Wars movie. Vader was scary but had no personality, and then they ruined him with the prequels because no one gives a **** about children. Maul looked cool when I was 13, but now he just looks like a Juggalo. Palpatine was cool but he was just a mustache twirler. Dooku was only worth a **** because of Christopher Lee, and Grievous was the shittiest thing I've ever seen in a movie. Kylo Ren is a petulant, whiny, entitled shithead. That's at least 2 more descriptors than any villain in Star Wars history. He's Luke Skywalker from A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. We're watching the same story but this time from the perspective of someone fully embracing the dark side and that's allsome. Can't wait to see how the character grows from here, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the rest of the Knights of Ren.
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    Merry Christmas to everyone here. Even the trolls with the fake accounts.
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    The only times I can think of where her powers in the Force played a role was using the Force to trick that stormtrooper, who we know are weak minded from the OT and that's hammered home some more earlier in TFA when Finn explains how the First Order removes as much of their identities as possible, and when she's fighting Ren, who I will again explain was shot in the hip by a bowcaster, was toying with Finn when they fought and only got serious after Finn got in a lucky slash (the fight lasted around three seconds after that), was emotionally distraught from killing his father and knowing he was fighting his cousin who had spared before, and was fighting her with a hand behind his back since he was trying not to kill her, be it from sentimental reasons, because she had the map information, or both.
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    Completely disagree. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Adam Driver is a real actor who can and did bring depth to the role.
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    I was just given this game for Christmas and so far I really like it. The new catch animations are awesome. I also went all in to make the Falcons so much better. That meant trading a boat load of draft picks (still got my 1st's and 2nd's but not much else). But I think it was worth it. Check out my team. I won my 1st game 28-10 over the Eagles. QB Matt Ryan Aaron Murray Shane Carden RB Devonta Freeman Tre Mason Tevin Coleman FB Patrick DiMarco WR Julio Jones Roddy White Tavon Austin Reggie Wayne Nick Williams Justin Hardy TE Zach Miller Jacob Tamme Levine Toilolo LT Jake Matthews Jake Long LG Andy Levitre Donald Thomas C Chris Myers Corey Linsley RG Jon Asamoah Chris Chester James Stone RT Ryan Schraeder Garry Williams LE Vic Beasley Jr. Kroy Biermann RE Darnell Dockett Adrian Clayborn DT Jonathan Babineaux Paul Soliai Ra'Shede Hageman Grady Jarrett LOLB Justin Durant O'Brien Schofield MLB Brandon Spikes Paul Posluszny ROLB Courtney Upshaw Dee Ford CB Desmond Trufant Cortland Finnegan Alfonzo Dennard Lamarcus Joyner Robert Alford FS Tre Boston Ricardo Allen Robenson Therezie SS Kemal Ishmael William Moore K Matt Bryant P Matt Bosher I played my 1st game on 8 minute quarters (gonna up it to 10 minute quarters now) and like I said beat the Eagles 28-10. It was scoreless after the 1st quarter. Eagles got a TD in the 2nd quarter to go up 7-0. I was able to force a 3-and-out inside of 2 minutes and get the ball back. Got a TD with 35 seconds left in the half. Ishmael picked off Bradford and I got the ball back 11 seconds left and almost in FG range. Tried to set up for a FG but first pass went incomplete. Then I threw a pick on a hail mary to end the half. So it was 7-7 at halftime. I owned the 2nd half. Got the ball to start the half and marched right down the field for 7 to take a 14-7 lead. After a few 3-and-outs it was 14-7 at the end of 3 quarters. Got a TD in the 3rd to go up 28-7. Eagles then were marching down the field before Ishmael got a pick 6 to pretty much end it. Eagles kicked a garbage time FG and the final was 28-10. Had over 100 yards and a TD with Freeman. 180 yards passing with Ryan and 2 TD's (1 Julio, 1 Miller). Falcons have no pass rush just like in real life, LOL! Only time I got a sack was on the Eagles last drive when I brought an all out blitz and Alford got the sack.
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    Creativity does not come from telling an "original" story (which BTW, there is no such thing). Creativity comes with writing a script with compelling characters that you care about almost immediately, putting together a cast that fits those characters, scouting shooting locations, mixing practical and digital effects that don't completely pull you out of the movie, bringing on someone who puts together a great score that flows with the story, and one that leaves you wanting more when the credits roll. The ONLY thing that makes a story a story are the characters. This movie easily has the best characters in the history of this franchise.
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    Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah Happy Kwanzaa Feliz Navidad And happy Festivus to all y'all...
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