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  2. sounds like he was never alone with said woman, and has witnesses for his defense. I do agree we don't know enough to make honest deductions about the whole situation. But that's never stopped people before
  3. Geez, man. We drafted Vic Beasley over Gurley. I'd do that 100 times over. Vic is coming off an all-pro season as a pass rusher. Gurley had zero impact in his sophomore season. You're a smart guy, but sometimes you just post garbage to be a contrarian. Get over your hindsight and myopia and really think before you post. Even you would not have drafted Gurley over Beasley
  4. Cooks go for nothing? They got a first round pick. I think that was a good deal for them.
  5. probably because he don't like panties fans anymore than we do, so he hangs out over here instead of over there
  6. I think it's insane. In many US states, marijuana is now legal (often with a doctor's prescription). There are verifiable medical benefits to marijuana. But the US govt. and therefore the NFL forbid it. Fine. Then the NFL is going to force you to give them your urine partially so they can test if you have marijuana in your system (even though it does not enhance performance in any way). And then on top of that, they're going to call foul because your pee had too much water? GMAFB. Even the Communist country I live in doesn't drug test for weed. What a joke.
  7. I just did a three round mock and ended up with TJ Watt (LB), Daeshon Hall (DE) and Marcus Maye. Would be very happy with that!
  8. A gay Christian is not an oxymoron A hateful Christian is a moron
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  10. I honestly don't think there is anything to these diluted urine samples...making weight is huge at combines. Joe Thomas went on a rant about it yesterday I believe.
  11. Im still hoping for a trade down, im not sure were looking for a FS until The later rounds they seem pretty satisfied with Rico. Neasman looked good in a reserve roll and on special teams. I think that Lamp and Cam Robinson will be gone before 31- if we could trade down and get Baker at say .....35/36 that would be a win. I could also see us moving up to get Derek Barnett if he started to slide
  12. Yeah that's what I read. Which if true it makes perfect sense, no way to know if it isn't unless he pops hot down the road
  13. Are we all assuming it's an Ohio State player as it happened in Cleveland? Either incredibly stupid and criminal of the player or criminal of the alleged victim. We saw what happened with Brian Banks. Hopefully the truth outs.
  14. James Conner is my guy in this draft at RB.
  15. Plausible.
  16. You can get Brian Finneran to replace Tamme if you want another Tamme on the field. Hooper, Levine, Perkins are your guys now. Tialivea will probably be thrown in the mix as well.
  17. gets better around the 90 second mark, the first plays look like runs through open space
  18. Well it appears the MSM is picking up the story now, there's a Russian journalist going into hiding after receiving death threats for her reporting on it. The more we can expose Putin and the Russian government the better for mankind. Nikki Haley made a statement on it. Moscow (CNN)Amid reports of a brutal crackdown on gay men in the Russian republic of Chechnya, a number of witnesses and victims are now bolstering allegations of mass arrests and torture. Speaking to CNN on condition of anonymity, one man who recently fled Chechnya after being arrested said hundreds of gay men like him are being rounded up by the authorities and held in appalling conditions in least three detention centers. "My car got stopped at a Chechen police checkpoint and they asked me for my documents," said the man, who asked to be identified as "Ahmed." "They looked at them and said: 'We are taking you.'" Gay activists say sexual minorities have for years been targeted in conservative Chechnya. One man shared a cellphone video with CNN which he said showed a friend being abducted and beaten by uniformed men more than a year ago. Activists report mass arrests, abuse In recent weeks, activists say the problem has become much worse, with hundreds of gay men being detained and subjected to horrifying abuse. Chechnya's leader Ramzan Kadyrov is backed by Moscow. "They started beating me with their fists and feet. They wanted to get names of my gay friends from me," another Chechen man told CNN at a safe house where we arranged to meet. "Then they tied wires to my hands and put metal clippers on my ears to electrocute me. They've got special equipment, which is very powerful. When they shock you, you jump high above the ground." The mainly Muslim republic is run by Ramzan Kadyrov, a Kremlin-backed strongman, whose security forces are accused by human rights groups of abductions, killings and other abuses. A Chechen government spokesman called the allegations of a gay crackdown in Chechnya "an absolute lie," and denied gay men exist in the republic. Video footage has emerged of Chechen clerics delivering an angry sermon in Grozny, Chechnya's main city, condemning the allegations, and promising "retribution." Haley: Anyone involved must be held accountable One major Russian newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, which first reported the story, says "its entire staff" is now at risk of reprisals. Russia has a checkered record on gay rights, breaking up gay pride marches and even passing anti-gay propaganda laws. But the strong allegations emerging from Chechnya are unprecedented and have provoked an international backlash. "We continue to be disturbed by reports of kidnapping, torture, and murder of people in Chechnya based on their sexual orientation," read a statement from Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the United Nations. "If true, this violation of human rights cannot be ignored -- Chechen authorities must immediately investigate these allegations, hold anyone involved accountable, and take steps to prevent future abuses," the statement said. So-called honor killings widespread The men from Chechnya who spoke to CNN insisted their biggest concern was being outed as gay by the Chechen authorities. Being gay is considered by many in the region to be shameful and in Chechnya the practice of so-called honor killings -- murder by family members to expunge shame -- is widespread. "If my family finds out that I'm gay, then no authorities, no troops are needed. They will kill me themselves," says Ahmed. "Even if my parents will forgive me, someone -- like my uncle -- won't forgive," he said. It is that fear of family retribution, amid reports of an official crackdown, that is now forcing many gay Chechens to flee their homes.
  19. Wayne Gallman is the most underrated RB in this draft: especially for what we do on offense and a system fit for us.
  20. Do I even need to dignify this with a longer response because you're trolling, or are you seriously trying to say Engram isn't a weak blocker?
  21. Is that what I said? Or is that you straw-manning the argument and then setting up a false dichotomy to avoid the original argument? It's the latter if you're still confused. Stop straw-manning others positions, it has never looked good on you. The point I made was there is no need to freak out about the TE depth like you are when we already have 3 guys with NFL experience, 4 if you count Tialavea, and we've gone into a recent season with as little as 2 TE's. So it's not like we couldn't survive with only 2 if a major injury occurred. So while depth is important at every position, there is a limit to what is realistic and what is wishful thinking. It's probably because you keep saying we don't have the speed that Brady has at TE with Hooper who is 2 hundredths of a second slower than Gronk and 4 hundredths of a second slower than Bennett. That's a very marginal difference that you keep making a big deal about for some reason. And even when they had the "speed demon" Hernandez, he was only 8 hundredths of a second faster. Look, I understand the desire to add another TE that is a little faster than Hooper in order to have two quality receiving targets at the position. I'll even go with you in saying that Perkins hasn't proven to be that player yet, even though I disagree with you on his potential to develop into that guy. But what you keep missing the mark on is acting like this is a dire need and that we have some huge hole in our roster without it. As I've said repeatedly, it's an upgradeable position; it's not a huge need -- like at all. That's pretty much the only thing we've been disagreeing with this whole time: the degree of the need to add another TE. You think it's a bigger need than I do, that's all.
  22. Ironhead is a baller, but played linebacker in college. The guy playing next to him was better. In the first game last year I was watching him and thought, "How on Earth did we end up with this guy?" Well he got kicked out of FSU where he actually played a true freshman. Both players could be steals but I'm biased.
  23. It's still early, so I'm going to hold off on worrying... but it is concerning that we are in this situation at this point. You generally don't do well in recruiting without some consistent perception of momentum. That's not to say we need commits lined up every month, there will be lulls, but there is absolutely no feeling of things building toward a very good class. Still plenty of time and a lot of big targets, but we are not perceived to be leading for hardly anyone. Zeus will be a big one. Cox will be great to add if we get him. After that there's a whole lot of uncertainty. Need to win and have some great games for these guys to visit and be impressed. Our home schedule is garbage so we really need to make sure we impress with wins to show this staff is better than 8 or 9 wins every year and UGA will play for/win some hardware.
  24. Mike is one helluva shot.
  25. Pretty sure it was 2009.
  26. Definitely need depth at LB. I expect our draft to look something like this; Round 1-3: FS, DE, G (not necessarily in that order) Round 4,5,7: LB, TE/DT, OT Anthony Walker, Duke Riley or Steven Taylor are LB's I like in the later rounds. A lot could change if we trade up for a player like Reddick in the 1st or if we trade down and take someone like Tyus Bowser in the 2nd, but if we stay put I expect our draft to look something what I posted above.
  27. I'm one of the ones NOT lobbying to draft an offensive lineman early, but I'm bracing myself for disappointment come draft night. I wanted Marcus Williams but he never garnished any interest from the FO. Somethings I keyed in on was comments and or rumors made. During TD and Quinn press conference they said "our first pick will not be a fan favorite". A majority of us want either a pass rusher or safety and not an offensive lineman. The range where we are supposedly trying to trade up for is the range where this weak OL class will start getting drafted. As teams like the Broncos, Dolphins, Giants, Texans, and Seahawks are looking. I keep hearing Willis, Baker and Lamp and how we are trying to get in front of the Giants cause they want Willis, but Giants has shown zero interest in Willis, not even an interview. The Dolphins who now is rumored to like Willis never worked Willis out and only met him at the combine and did a interview. Now a player who the Giants did privately worked out is Cam Robinson, but not Forrest Lamp. In fact the Giants showed no interest in Lamp. I will come back to Robinson at the end. On to Baker. A single high Safety who can also play the slot cb position. Besides us the only other team that plays our scheme is the 49ers, Chargers, Jaguars and Seahawks, who already have Earl Thomas. Why would we need to trade up for Baker? On to Lamp. Now that I know the Dolphins(22) and Giants (23) do not have any interest the next team that need help is the Texans, who by the way need a QB. That would leave Seahawks as the only other team that could possibly take Lamp. Why would TD want to get to the early 20's? Back to Robinson. Knock on wood, but if anything would to happen to Jake Matthews we would be in trouble as I don't see anybody on the current roster able to fill his shoes. Where Robinson comes to mind is Giants wants to move Flowers to guard and reportedly likes Robinson. Sarkisian was on Bama staff and knows Robinson and what he can do. To Quinn, TD, and Pioli that's a win win can't miss prospect in their eyes. Robinson can fill the RG position and be Matthews backup at LT. If anybody knows anything about Sarkisian, he likes those big OT. Look no further than the two OT's from USC who is in this draft. TD recently said we are not drafting an Angel. If you remember Robinson got in trouble for marijuana possession and having a pistol. The Falcoholic‏ @TheFalcoholic NFL Draft 2017: Atlanta Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff says team isn’t looking for "angelic souls"
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