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  2. I guess, but definitely not the best choice
  3. I just started this thread for fun. To be honest if we draft him I wont mind as long as he balls out. I've been a Falcons fan for years and for once I want a defense that just kicks the crap out of opposing teams. I think we're almost to that point.
  4. **** this person for not signing it "Wile E.". There is one coyote in history with a name, c'mon!
  5. Isn't he kind of a tweener though? Would he be a fit at the premier pass rushing position in Quinn's defense?
  6. he has better numbers and is bigger than Beasley...Look what DQ did with DBo and many others!
  7. theres way worse options we could be drafting and likely not a ton of better ones at the end of the 1st.
  8. lol y'all gonna be so embarrassed when willis gets like 40 sacks on his rookie contract
  9. Prince is gonna be a player.
  10. that's cool - he's a tier 1 3-4 OLB, tier 2 4-3 DE. The 7.05 still isn't enough to put him in the elite category for 4-3 DEs but it's solid.
  11. They updated then. They seem to get numbers wrong on the first try pretty often - fortunately they edit them down the line. Seen a lot of 4.46 3-cone type numbers where it's clearly the short shuttle; stuff like that.
  12. the 7.35 is on nfldraftscout
  13. Where did you see 7.35? Feel like that's way more likely to be a mistake, considering even at videos from his Pro Day they were saying 7.05. That'd be a huge concern though. Same thing happened with Josh Jones on nfldraftscout where they initially posted his teammate's 7.43 3-cone when he ran a 7.05. Freaked the helI out of me.
  14. I've been avoiding Kollman videos this season, but let me guess. Franchise changing defensive player who can shut down TEs and RBs and make it impossible to run in his direction as soon as he steps on the field?
  15. Big willy style?
  16. I actually don't hate Charles Harris, I just hate the Chris Clemons comp lol. I will say though, his 3 cone has a pretty huge disparity in reports. I've seen 7.05 but I've also seen 7.35 and that's a huge difference. 7.05 is decent but not ideal, 7.35 is just terrible. But either way he's a tier 2 4-3 DE for me. If his 3 cone is 7.05 he'd be a tier 1 3-4 OLB but if it's 7.35 he's literally Jarvis Jones and I'm not touching him.
  17. You don't want to get into this. Kayoh has spreadsheets devoted to finding correlations between numbers and edge rushers, and that just doesn't hold water. That said, Harris numbers after improving considerably at his Pro Day (and Missouri has a history of Pro Days matching combines more than other schools) probably moved him up in the Kayoh system too. I'm curious tbh - @Kayoh, how does a 37.5" vert, 7.05 sec 3-cone, and 9'10" broad change his prospects?
  18. Sounds kinky...
  19. The mods must be blushing with all of the attention they're getting right now
  20. Btw, it's been 90 days. Has anyone heard anything about the new refugee questions? What new rules are being put forth? Shouldn't there be something now?
  21. Yeah I've warmed to Baker. I try to be careful on comparisons, but he could be the next Malcolm Jenkins.
  22. I thought we've done a better job at it. We've started to let Beal and Wall get theirs and just focus on the others. That's how you beat at team like the Blazers. You're fine with letting them bank on Dame and McCollum getting 70-80. As long as you're not getting killed by Aminus and Crabbe. Gortat, Markieff, Porter, Oubre, Bogdonavic have mostly been bad this series. We play a very high variance style.
  23. Certainly Harris is not undraftable. The 10 yard split is the most important number to view in term of pass rushers. Followed by the broad, vert and 3 cone in which Harris improved on. Edit: BTW Clemons went undrafted because he didn't do s*** at UGA
  24. I agree. He is a tremendous talent but I don't see him starting at any position if we do draft him. His strength for the Falcons would be that versatility would give us incredible depth at multiple positions with minimal drop off. Love Peppers, but in the first round we need to be drafting starters.
  25. SS/Nickel Corner He's not playing SS for us... are we really adding a nickel corner at 31? Why not add Baker who can play FS or Nickel Corner (one of the most valuable types of players in the NFL right now)?
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