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  2. Watch for Sanu and Gabriel (and maybe Hardy) to rip up the Pack and Panties. They're going to roll three guys over to Julio this year.
  3. We are going to have folks on here soon posting that if we didn't win, it made the season unsuccessful. Too much Ricky Bobby, I guess. In their minds, a runner-up is no better than the team picking first in the draft. All I know is that if I was a Bills fan, I'd be salty about the four losses but those were four fun seasons right up to the end when 28 teams were already eliminated. And in hindsight, if I have to lose (however painful it might be), I'd rather lose in the Super Bowl than be mathematically eliminated before the end of the season. The only smack talking fans that I'll tolerate are Patsy fans and they don't count anyway because their team cheats. Ask the Tampon Bay, Stains, and Panties fans why they were rooting for the Patriots and they'll have to admit it was because their teams weren't playing. That in itself is why I couldn't care less.
  4. Point being that it doesn't matter to me. A lot of talking heads are picking them to take home field advantage in the NFC. They think that Bennett will make Aaron Rodgers into the second coming of Aaron Rodgers. We'll see.
  5. I wouldn't say it after last year, which was his second best season. But I question how much Cooks is going to help a QB who doesn't throw down field. I'm expecting Ricardo or Kazee to have a good game when we play.
  6. You need to post more Friends gifs, Wor. You're doing it wrong.
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  8. November & December schedule is the most brutal 8 weeks of matchups without a BYE ...Ive ever seen our team play. We are under lot of pressure this year than any other year....because, EVERYONE including us fans are going to be looking every WIN & LOSS in micro lens. In my opinion, week 7 - rematch vs Patriots will surely define how we have embraced adversity and respond to brutal challenge.
  9. Blount fumbled and was non factor vs us....was not surprised they let him go. They got excellent upgrade at that position and they got younger.
  10. Im taking that Seriously, have you seen their division? Lets start with thats 6 - 0 straight up. Rest, even if they split they will probably get 1st or 2nd seed. Then magic of B.B goes in play yet again.......
  11. They put up 5 TDs back to back on us...with 2 pt conversions allowed.....thats bollocks!!! Offense was highly effective thats why they were only in play for 20mins. Defense gave total control over to Patriots offense for 40mins. Simply not acceptable. Defense let us down. Period!! Remember the Chargers, Chiefs, Saints & Seahawks (playoffgame) ?? How our special teams ans defense just effin played like charmin soft tissue paper?! I know we will be better this year on defense barring any injuries but, our offense cannot sustain such high pace with brutal schedule handed to us. Our entire division has got better overall...if we split with our foe ...we still stand a chance to win it.
  12. Heck of a hustle play by Dansby tonight. He moves really well on the base paths. Can't teach recognition and speed. Great individual play.
  13. If you know where you're going, you get there faster than the guy who needs to think where he needs to go
  14. This superbowl loss hurt but I can't imagine 18 and mother ******* 1.
  15. What's up fellas? Just checking in. Dealt with some real life daughter teenager crap tonight. Anyway.,.. Garcia has pitched really well lately. Good win. Great performance. I'm proud of his efforts lately. May be good to be on the road for a minute.
  16. @ADAMSVILLE GYM where can I get that hoodie tho
  17. And all Lewis did as a rookie was rush for 2000 yards and help carry the Ravens to a SB win. I'll never understand why Dan Reeves never tried to find a backup or replacement for Jamal. We had a shot at both Jamal Lewis and then the next year LT, both #5 picks that belonged to the Falcons, and we passed both times. Ken Oxendine? Byron Hanspard? Ugh!!
  18. Yep, great work by Garcia. A reminder that he had a 3.9 bWAR season just a couple years ago.
  19. Yes!! Braves win 2-0!! Jaime Garcia got the win both offensively and defensively!! Turned the trick against the Braves last August too.
  20. It is rather annoying. But very glad to know I'm not the only one going through this dumb sh¡t
  21. I think we have a nicer board tho.
  22. One that sticks out for me is when Reeves traded 2000 first round pick for 1999 second round pick. The Falcons picked up Reggie Kelly who spent moxt of his career with the Bengals. The 2000 first round pick ended up being the #5 pick overall which the Ravens used to get Jamal Lewis.
  23. Same here. I get it with my laptop.
  24. Yes, Falcons sucked in 2015.
  25. The Russia stuff is hilarious to me. If you honestly think the Russians Hacked our elections you need a padded room and if you think that only Russia was trying to influence who got elected you need to open your eyes and read about lobbyist and how many of them are spokesmen for foreign governments. Oh and on top of that how many of them use their influence with the media to try and produce outcomes favorable to them. Russia tampering is the least of our concerns. We may appear healthy, but economically we could very well be in another Bubble that will burst. Stop worrying about irrelevant news and focus on things that actually mater.
  26. This is not a service provider problem,Phone problem,Browser problem, or cellular network problem. It is a pure Atlanta Falcons Message board problem. No other board or site gives problems. It's pretty sad that this is a problem. Do we not have people to fix this?! Maybe its like someone stated above. Maybe it's because the board uses IP blocking. If so, it needs to be corrected.
  27. 1. In no way was that saying you're crazy? My point was you seemed angry/defensive and this board is not worth any levels of frustration. It was just advice 2. You're looking at the snake things the complete wrong way. In no way is anyone comparing you to snake. Quite the opposite. The point is you're a much smarter poster so these borderline articles are not the type of quality that we have come to expect from your posts. 3. As someone that gets a large share of **** on this board, let me give you some advice. You gotta stop reading posts trying to sift out the parts to be offended by. It's a message board. A certain level is just banter. You(in general. Not you) gotta look for what the point is and WHY someone is saying it. 99% of the time no one is coming after you personally. We don't even really know each other. In a way YOU/ME aren't under attack. The internet personality we've created with our posts is. Which is why we don't allow people to break outside of that and bring people's real life into discussions(family and what not). You gotta create that separation between real you and ABF you. Unless you're dealing with @SpongeDad. Then ignore all of this. **** that guy.
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