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  2. Several ppl on here around election time said they would not watch it...that would be the "yall" I am referring to. I intend to see what he releases and based on how it's put together, length of conversations, absence/presence of cuts in odd places, I will make up my mind then.
  3. I also guess another way to look at is if you cut TJax Reed Clayborn or a mixture of those 3 how much does it cost then and then draft a guy like Basham in the 3rd round I guess that's an option also. Whatever way you choose to do it dictates where we go early in the draft.
  4. Second to the obvious (the 25 point lead we had a few weeks ago), it really seems to me our best chance to win a Super Bowl in the current era of Falcons football. We would have a full season to gel with our overhauled coaching staff, and two drafts and offseasons worth of talent acquisitions, in time to make that run. And the intangibles of not having to travel for the Super Bowl, of being in your OWN locker room and your OWN stadium that you've been in all year long - that's not a small thing. It's a long shot as any Super Bowl is. But I don't think it's unreasonable to believe it could happen.
  5. That was on Mack too
  6. That's true. They laughed at Ellison when he said it.
  7. If we can get him for 12-13M I'd interested.
  8. There is not a doubt in my mind that I will fly in for that Super Bowl if the Falcons are playing at home. Wife would be pissed at both cost and me abandoning the children for a weekend, but she'd get over it. The typical NFL narrative lines up for us to make that happen, too. Deal with a season of SB hangover next year while continuing to build a national following, and then bounce back in full force to be the first team to host a SB in their own stadium.
  9. I would. **** him and **** Milo.
  10. Straight talk -- Obama loved deporting people.
  11. HolyMoses can help you out with that.
  12. Eatcorn is now dead to me. I could have done without ever knowing he is a sucs fan.
  13. So, yeah, this is psychotic. I'm not sure what's worse: that that guy thought that way, or that you seem to think that what he said is somehow good.
  14. Yeah, we are really smarting from your 3 qtr beat down.............
  15. I think we still need a 3rd back even with PD. We should sign a 220-245 bruiser who can smash for 3rd and 2, play RB or FB, play special teams. We can get an UDFA or late rounder for that. It will be interesting to aee what we do with KS and his O Staff gone
  16. if I am gonna spend that kind of money - I want a bonafide passrusher. that is not what Campbell is.
  17. I was in Paris last week and felt the need to stop by and see the Bataclan as we were on our way to a favorite Bistro near Canal St. Martin. Sobering moment to stand outside and think about the horrors of the attack and the impact it had on everyone even remotely involved.
  18. I'm sorry but people get a little sketched when people start talking about underage adult sexual relations. Milo, isn't a conservative he's said this many times. What he is, is a liberal who had enough of p.c. culture, he's a catalyst for the violent intolerant left to show their true colors.
  19. No, it depends on the content you want to see, apparently. What makes you say 'y'all didn't watch it'? It's pretty absurd that you're arguing about something you haven't seen while accusing others of not having seen something that they've watched.
  20. In his last videos, there were entire conversations recorded...but yall didn't know that BC you didn't watch it. Like I said, depends on what is released.
  21. Don't mind it to be fair but I wouldn't have double dipped in the later rounds at DE. We have Clayborn Reed and now Beasley at that RDE spot. Also think Campbell will play that SDE or LDE whatever you want to call it and Reddick will play SLBer. I think 3rd and 4th round your looking at adding depth at 1 of these 3 spots DT FS or TE.
  22. On a 2-3 year deal, sure we could. If we re-sign Tru, his cap hit likely goes down this year, same with Ryan. Both are very real possibilities.
  23. I'm no MILO fan but I think they are being punk äss btches by saying "fuk you" and "fuk off" to him. They say that to him because he acts girly (yes I know he's gay) and he poses no physical threat to them. They are basically acting like bullies to get a reaction from the crowd and to make themselves feel manly for once in there lives. Do you think they would say the same to this man?
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